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  1. FTM .9

    if its 12 hours then a .9 FTE is 6 12 hour shifts in a 2 wk period
  2. Advice: On An MD Order

    We use viagra on our older chronic preemies......PPHN
  3. Just for fun.... re: call bells...

    Couldn't wait for NICU = no more call lights, now its just the constant monitor alarms! I hated the call lights, I may be the only one down that wing and there could be 3 on. My response is to the pt that says "I think my call light is broken", is n...
  4. Had a patient with coumadin levels, I had to report because they were always drawn early, and I can't leave without criticals being called. He was usually in the building and rounding early on our floor, but not always. So, I had to call and he said ...
  5. Interview for NICU position - please help!

    Chin up! You passed NCLEX! Keep applying. Our NICU only takes new grads or someone with experience. Very easy to get into as a new grad. They usually hire 3 or 4 groups of 5-6 per year. Orientation is about 3 months. I shouldn't say only takes them. ...
  6. Grow Brave Through Reflection: Moral Distress in PICU (Part I)

    There is often moral distress in PEDS as well as NICU. I knew I couldn't do PICU the day I saw a child the same age as my own. I do not know how PICU handles the family dynamics and the traumatic injuries/accidents. I have been on both sides of the ...
  7. Is it true? BS + RN does not = BSN?

    Actually that statement from llhRN who quoted the Commuters portion of her response implies to the poster that all RN's are equal in education because they take the same NCLEX. DO NOT want to re-hash all the other older postings on this but I think y...
  8. Is it true? BS + RN does not = BSN?

    If she is starting out as a non RN, with a degree in another field (bachelors), she will be a graduate of that nursing program and take the NCLEX to make her the RN. IF the school is a 4 year/2year/accelerated/bridge whatever, you need to find that o...
  9. Job jumper?!?

    i had a preceptor actually ask me if I was enjoying my position.....made me wonder what I was portraying. I said yes, but I am taking it very seriously, so right now I don't think that it's that fun, but I keep looking at the other RN"s who are able ...
  10. ECMO

    on a previous post up above, HFOV as heroic measures?
  11. Grow Brave Through Reflection: Moral Distress in PICU (Part II)

    Thank you as a NICU nurse I think I have written a post about moral distress before, with not much feedback and explaining that feeling like we torture some of our kids, and lack of MD's painting the real picture. You did a wonderful job! And I recen...
  12. Health care costs are RIDICULOUS!!!!

    Had chest pain work up resolved while still in ER. Had to have stress ECHO do not do them on Sundays. Had to stay overnight, told MD that even tho I work for healthsystem that it would be too much. Still paying it off. ended up with migraine from nit...
  13. is 3rd shift inevitable for new nurses?

    Nope harder to get noc shift because of differential! lot of new grads on days
  14. How to Hang a Tube Feeding in a Crib?

    Hi, may not be what you are thinking about but say for our GT drip feeds we use oxygen tubing stretched across the open crib and then use a wrist restraint around the syringe and hang it that way from the O2 tubing
  15. Did it on orientation. Patient was in a hurry to get d/c the INT was still in, I realized that preceptor didn't do it and I didn't either. I called the pt. they acted ticked but explained that we forgot it and how to take it out. Will they tell someo...