Stony Brook Nursing Basic BSN Fall 2013 applicants

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    Hey guys! So I just applied to the SBU Basic (2 year) program a couple of days ago. I thought it would be nice to start a forum. Feel free to ask any questions! And good luck to all who are applying!!!

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    Quote from akaur_2010
    Hey guys! So I just applied to the SBU Basic (2 year) program a couple of days ago. I thought it would be nice to start a forum. Feel free to ask any questions! And good luck to all who are applying!!!
    Hey! I am in the program now, I just started this past fall...good luck! it truely is a great program and the faculty are just amazing; they are so supportive and knowledgeable. I honestly cant say one bad thing about the program..

    Although, It is GRUELING and TOUGH...your first semester you will take 24 credits..which is crazy, but doable lol..

    Good luck to you is a very stressful process and we didnt find out untill May 10th about getting into the program...many of my classmates, as well as myself, put a down payment on another program because deadlines were passing, we had not found out yet, and we were afraid if we didnt get in what we were going to do.

    My advice: put your all into your entrance paper, I literally spent weeks on mine. Really emphasize WHY you want to be a nurse and your future career goals in the healthcare field. Comment on your positive attributes and how that applies to nursing. Also, make sure your reccomendations are from someone that knows you more than grades in a book...that professor that you got extra help from, that supervisor that can really emphasize your strengths etc...

    Dont get discouraged... we are a very diverse class and we are not all 4.0 students
    any questions feel free to ask..may take me a while to in the middle of studying for all my finals..but ill eventually respond!
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    Hi all. I will be submitting my application soon. One question- does anyone know if we can take pre-reqs the summer before the program starts? I am asking because I do not have Intro to Sociology or Social Psychology and want to wait until I have the decision from Stony Brook before taking them as Stony Brook is the only program I am applying to that requires them. I will have all other pre-reqs done but May 2013. Thanks!
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    yes, you can...
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    Thank you for all your help BioD1234.
    I have applied to the accelerated nursing program for 2013. Please advise on whether I should apply to the two year program as well. I heard that the decisions were made in mid December so I was hoping to find out whether I would be accepted into the accelerated program before applying to the two year program. If you don't mind me asking....were you a stony brook student and what was your GPA. I am so nervous and don't know whether my 3.6 is high enough based on what I have heard so far. Thanks
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    no problem! Yes, I definetly think you should apply to both programs, I know some people in my class did. I went to suffolk for my 57 credits and I had a 4.0. However, not everyone in the program is 4.0 students, dont get discouraged!! Its a great program and I wish you luck!
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    Hello Everyone,

    BioD1234, I've been following you from the last SBU thread from when you were waiting to be accepted. Congratulations on your acceptance and goodluck! As far as the solar system goes, did you have access to this system once you have submitted your application for SBU?

    I am currently in the process of applying to SBU Basic 2 year program as well. I havent even sent my application in yet even though I started it because I just keep going over my personal statement. I just want to make sure my essay is close to perfect and expresses thorougly who I am and why being a nurse is my ultimate goal. Also, I am not a 4.0 student either. My GPA overall is 3.62 and I still have five more pre-reqs needed to have my 57 credits completed by the start of the program. Two of which I'm taking now this semester and the other three, I've reg for Spring 2013.

    I will definitely be sending my application by the end of this week.
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    Hi akaur_2010, I applied to SBU accelerated program and is also applying to their Basic program as well, but haven't submitted my application as yet.
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    Is anyone still completing prereqs.?
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    Thank you!! I just finished my first semester today and let me tell you, the pharmacology test I took today was like the hardest test I have ever taken in my life..thankfully I get a break for 2 far as solar goes: you get a password once you submit your application and u find out about acceptance through solar and they send you an email..we didn't find out until may, so it is a long process...and a 3.6 is awesome! If you need any guidance on the application process please feel free to ask! Good luck!

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