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  1. eca2493

    How many seats available for ABSN programs?

    30 for hunter. Not sure about others.
  2. eca2493

    Hunter College New Generic Program

    I thin you can give the nln another shot in february too can't you? Will be over 6 months.
  3. eca2493

    Binghamton Applicants- BAT Fall 2013

    I would check with Binghamton staff because I know a lot of other programs don't take chem 1&2 instead of orgo. Not sure on binghamtons rule but I would def check with staff before not taking orgo. I was accepted to the bat program and was awarded $18,000 in loans so I think that's the overall cost. Maybe $15,000 and the extra was for expenses, but around there.
  4. eca2493

    CUNY Hunter Generic Pathway Fall 2013

    Congrats whatawaste. I got into accelerated too! See you June 14th!
  5. eca2493

    Stony Brook Nursing Basic BSN Fall 2013 applicants

    Also just got a rejection.
  6. eca2493

    Stony Brook Nursing Basic BSN Fall 2013 applicants

    The end of April is in a couple of days. Still, waiting sucks.
  7. eca2493

    CUNY Hunter Generic Pathway Fall 2013

    I applied to accelerated and pre-nursing advisor is saying mid-may for that. I'm fairly certain generic will be at the same time (based on past threads).
  8. eca2493

    SUNY Downstate ABSN Summer 2013

    Congrats ebinbrooklyn! I didn't apply to downstate but have seen your posts on a lot of threads and I'm so happy downstate worked out for you! I'm still (not at all) patiently waiting to hear from hunter accelerated. This process is so crazy!
  9. eca2493

    Hunter A2DP (Accelerated BSN) - Fall 2013

    I know it's way too early to be hoping for a decision but I'm still disappointed that another week has gone by. Can calm down about checking my email for the next 2 days at least. Anyone else out there anxiously waiting for hunter accelerated decision???
  10. eca2493

    Stony Brook 2013

    If you don't have to take chem at SB I would recommend enrolling non-matric at a community college. If you are non-matric you can enroll in any class regrardless of the pre or co reqs. At least that's the case where I go, BMCC. I would look into Suffolk CC and see if that's an option. If you're lucky and class schedules work out you could take your other classes at SB and Chem at Suffolk. Good luck!
  11. eca2493

    Hunter College GPA and NLN exam scores

    I have been to 4 info sessions and have never heard about a quota for out of state students. In fact, I believe it is not allowed for state schools to have a quota for out of state students. I have only heard of them having a minimum quota for in state students since a majority of its budget comes from state taxes. I don't think that statistic is correct. Also, at the info sessions in November, January and march it was stated that the new Pre-reqs affected the amount of applicants. They were not announced until October 2012 and since you can only have 2 Pre-reqs in progress when you apply in Spring, you would have to already have them, be done with all other Pre-reqs so you could take them Spring 2013 OR take them in Winter 13. They also changed the minimum grade for a Science Pre-req from C to B so a lot of people who were planning on applying no longer can. There are further changes for Fall 2014 so I highly recommend attending an info session if you want to apply to Hunter and check their website often.
  12. eca2493

    Hunter Accelerated Fall 2013 New Pre-reqs!!!!?!!!

    Hi- I was very mad about the new pre-reqs. I ended up taking the classes online in the January winter session so was still able to apply. I'm wondering if the applicant pool will be a lot smaller this year Because of the new prereqs. I'm going to the info session on friday in hopes of finding out some more about this years applicants.
  13. eca2493

    CUNY Hunter Generic Pathway Fall 2013

    I am taking the test on the 26th. Anyone applying to the accelerated program?
  14. eca2493

    Hunter-Bellevue School Of Nursing Admissions!

    Are you guys applying to traditional generic or accelerated? If traditional generic, C is ok in science prereq. If accelerated, requirements have changed and must have B in science prereqs.
  15. eca2493

    CUNY Hunter Generic Pathway Fall 2013

    pandora- i wouldn't be too discouraged. The gpas and nln scores are always high for hunter but i have seen people post that they have gotten in with 3.4s. So a 140 doesn't disqualify you automatically especially with such a good gpa. I am applying to the accelerated program but am worried as well. I am taking the nln at the end of the month and right now am just doing practice questions all the time and then reviewing questions i get wrong. Does anyone have any other study tips? I already read/studied all the beginning sections in the red book. Thanks!
  16. eca2493

    Hunter College GPA and NLN exam scores

    Yeah... I'm hoping the applicant pool will be smaller this year since they added Genetics and Nutrition as Pre-reqs late last fall and my GPA will be good enough. Fingers crossed!