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Hello everyone! I applied to Stony Brook's Basic (2-year) BSN program 3 weeks a go and thought it may be helpful to start up a forum. If you are: currently applying or plan on applying, a former applicant, a... Read More

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    Well I got my Suffolk letter today so SBU right around the corner

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    ANY DAY BioD!! hoping this letter is the best of the two!
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    BioD, I also got my Suffolk letter today. Was it good news? I'm an Out Of State resident so I knew they probably weren't going to accept me. I'm crossing my fingers for SB
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    Sproutandbean..yes I got in!!! But I really really want SBU
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    BioD1234, congratulation in getting accepted into Suffolk.
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    Thanks alvins!!! At least I have an option! Did you apply to any other schools?
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    Exactly, you have an option just in case . I applied to Binghanton University, Plattsburgh University and the College of New Rochelle.
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    I have a feeling we'll hear today!

    Although I said that the last Monday, and of course, we didn't.

    I am applying to a school in Australia just in case this doesn't work out, so I guess I have a backup plan. I'd definitely prefer to get into SBU, though... Good luck everyone.
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    @Mindylane, if yo do your nursing studies in Australia, will you be able to work in the USA?
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    Hey AlvinS,
    I'm actually not even sure how that'd work. I know I could work in AU with a degree from the US, but I don't know how it works the other way around. My husband is from Australia, so the worst case scenario would be we just move there permanently. My parents don't like this idea, needless to say, but it's a wonderful country and nurses just got a 25% pay increase across the board there! Sounds good to me

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