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Hi guys, I recently got a job offer to work at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital. I have to take their pharmacology exam. Anybody know any details about it? I have the packet that recruitment gave me but wanted to know more....... Read More

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    I noticed no one answered the original question about what to expect for the pharm test. I will be taking it in a week and I am nervous! Any advice would be great. I did get the hr packet but there are so many medications I dont even know where to begin. For the nclex i didnt study that much for meds because I figured i could afford to guess on those questions.. and it paid off!!

    So if anyone could please let me know that would be great!!!

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    Quote from Rosewater71
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had received job offers from the open interviews? any info would be greatly appreciated
    I'd also like to second this comment - anyone go/land a job through this?
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    This thread is rather old. Just wondering if they are still doing the open interview days since the merger with the Mount Sinai system?
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    In 2012 the open interviews were just walk-in at Roosevelt Hospital. I think they were every Tuesday AM. Lots of new grads show up. You go in, the recruiter talks to you and tells you to apply elsewhere because they have alot of new grad applications. This was without looking at your resume. At the end he collected the resumes and said HR will be in touch. And that was it. The only person that got an interview the same day that was in my open interview session was a girl whos mother works at St Luke and in the open interview she made this a highlight of her introduction during the open interview and the recruiter seemed to know her mother also.

    So the open interviews are useless unless A) you have a family member working at one of the hospitals or B) you are an experienced nurse...they have separate session for experienced RNs and new grads. I dont know if two years later they still do open interviews or if it changed since the merger. Call HR and ask if they still have these.
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    I know this is an old topic, but hopefully i can get some feedback on this...I was invited to an open house interview for a per diem job at st lukes roosevelt tomorrow...has anyone been to one? Anyone willing to share their experience and how the day goes?

    Thanks in advance!!!

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