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by limerick1913

Hi guys, I recently got a job offer to work at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital. I have to take their pharmacology exam. Anybody know any details about it? I have the packet that recruitment gave me but wanted to know more....... Read More

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    I noticed no one answered the original question about what to expect for the pharm test. I will be taking it in a week and I am nervous! Any advice would be great. I did get the hr packet but there are so many medications I dont even know where to begin. For the nclex i didnt study that much for meds because I figured i could afford to guess on those questions.. and it paid off!!

    So if anyone could please let me know that would be great!!!
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    Quote from Rosewater71
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had received job offers from the open interviews? any info would be greatly appreciated
    I'd also like to second this comment - anyone go/land a job through this?