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Hi everyone, I am going to be graduating from nursing school in may (so exciting!). I have had a few interviews already, and I just got a call for another at NYP Cornell for a job in the PICU. PICU is my dream job, so I... Read More

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    I actually have an interview next week at NYP WC.They are requiring that I bring a million documents and pages of references, previous addresses, and employment history from the past ten years of my life, recommendation letters, transcripts, etc. How did you prepare for your interview? I was told that I am meeting with a recruitment coordinator, senior recruiter, and other staff in the department I am interviewing in. How did your interview go with the recruiters? What questions did they ask? Apparently my interview is 9 AM - 5 PM. I'm a nervous wreck! Sorry for all the questions!

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    Also - when they ask for three professional references, two of mine are clinical instructors. These would be considered references correct?
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    Congrats!! I sent you a private message.
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    Thank you for the private message, I tried to message you back with some questions but sadly I can't PM anyone until I have posted at least 15 times (currently at 13, working my way up haha). I'll try to PM you later today!
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    Did you apply online for this position? Everytime I try and apply through NYP it gives me questions at the end and then tells me I cannot submit due to not meeting the requirements. I am assuming it is the not having a year of experience thing. Did you answer less than 1 year for your experience? How did you break through? Thanks!
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    Yes, I applied online. Are you applying through the new grad position? This is how you have to go though. Don't apply to the regular PICU position listed.
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    Hi esc_newnurse!

    Don't know if you remember, but you posted on my thread about NYP a few weeks ago

    Just wanted to know if you could give some input on applying with NYP!

    I remember you said to use my family member as an advantage and I got an email from Talent Acquisition about taking the Nurse Career Battery Test. Did you take that test yet/at all?

    I'm getting nervous about it.

    PS- How's your situation? Are you working there yet? If so, congrats!
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    Hey Esc_newnurse, can you clear your inbox im trying to send you a private message about our earlier convo.

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    I was scheduled to have a phone interview and no one ever called. Has this happened to anyone else? I emailed and called but have heard nothing back yet. I also have a connection with a nurse manager who contacted HR to expedite my application. I'm really confused and do not know what happened. Any thoughts?

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