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Hello everyone! I have submitted my application and my transcripts to NYU for the ABSN program beginning in fall 2013! I am very excited but surprised that we will be hearing so late about an admission decision. Is anyone else... Read More

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    Ye I know I am just so anxious and nervous really want to get into NYU's program. Hope we all get in together.
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    im soooooo nervous!!!!
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    same here!!!! NYU is my dream school!

    hopefully we all get in

    imagine we all get in, we can form our own little study group.
    I know I shouldn't think too ahead but I cant help the excitement.
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    I have a question, on Albert, what does it say for notification plan?
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    Quote from helwafufu
    I have a question, on Albert, what does it say for notification plan?
    For NYUCU ABSN Fall 2013 applications, this should say "Regular Decision". I was told that this is the only entry that is put in the Notification Plan field for ABSN applicants. This does not reflect whether you submitted/met the priority deadline versus regular application deadline. I technically submitted my application package prior to 12/31/2012 and mine has indicated "Regular Decision" this entire time (which is why I ask NYUCN the question).
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    THANK YOU for informing me!!!!! =)

    I'm so nervous!!!!!

    I want to start already!!!!

    I hope they accept us
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    Hello all,

    I have also applied to NYU ABSN Fall 2013 program! I have submitted everything in by 11/10/12. I know it was super early...because I missed the deadline for the spring 2013. haha..

    NYU is my second choice though, my first choice is the BAT Accelerated program at Binghamton University, since it is a lot lot cheaper than NYU! lol

    I am too, very nervous and anxious about the decisions!! Crossing my fingers and praying everyday....

    Hope to hear back (good news) by the end of March or the beginning of April!!
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    Hey. Does anyone know when admission decisions will be out for ABSN Fall 2013 NYU?
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    cpdk: The school said on or after April 1st
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    Thank you ! Also, do you know how many students are accepted into the cohort?

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