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NYU ABSN Fall 2013 Entry


Hello everyone! I have submitted my application and my transcripts to NYU for the ABSN program beginning in fall 2013! I am very excited but surprised that we will be hearing so late about an admission decision. Is anyone else applying?


Specializes in surgical, geriatrics. Has 5 years experience.

I'm applying. Still pulling together all my letters/etc. Does anyone know NYU's acceptance rate?

I attended an open house last week and they said the acceptance rate is 35%.

I was told the 35% acceptance rate as well :)Nmh, what else did you learn at the open house?

I am applying as well. Most likely submitting my application by March 1st (priority deadline). How are you guys submitting the letters of recommendation ? Are you mailing them or providing them with envelopes ?

They stressed that they do not only look at GPA, essay and recommendations are important. They have accepted people with below a 3.0 and rejected people with above a 3.0 based on the rest of the application.

My recommendation writer sent mine off for me, and used an envelope the school provided for her.Nmh, thanks for writing back! Do you live in the area?

I am applying as well! Good luck, everybody!

So do we hear by April 1st? I'm a bit confused from different things I've been hearing and reading!

@hopefulnurse24 I currently live in Atlanta but travel to NYC often.

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Im also slightly confused, but from what I read you find out on a rolling basis. The previous posts found out in April. However some did in May.

Good luck to all the applicants! I applied for the Spring 2013 ABSN program and was accepted in early November 2012. My situation is a little bit different though because I have a few pre-reqs to still complete which I'm doing now at NYU (in my case, I'm now considered a "regular" nursing student until I finish my pre-reqs, then I transition into the "accelerated" BSN program for Fall 2013). So, I will be joining those of you that chose NYU for this Fall!!

Not sure if I can offer any help or insight, but I'd be happy to answer any questions I can about the application process as I just went through it, thankfully with success, yeah!

Best of luck :)

Awesome, Congratulations ! How do you like NYU ? I'm currently in the process of writing my essay - having a hard time trying to come up with something under 500 words. (any recommendations ?) I dont have a stellar undergrad GPA, however my pre-req course GPA is about a 3.8. For now I'm just trying to write a really good essay. Its hard to imagine only 30% or so are accepted. Nonetheless I wish everyone lots of luck!

So far NYU is great! If it helps, my essay was actually about 700 words, but I was able to manipulate it to fit perfectly on the one page of the application supplement. Definitely focus on your essay and obtaining a great recommendation. My undergrad (BS in Health Policy) was decent but nothing stellar either (about 3.1). My pre-reqs were a 4.0. But I still think it was the essay and my recommendation that got me in. I also have about 15 years of work experience (yes, I'm a bit older, lol graduated college in 1998). I chose to send in only 1 recommendation and that came from a client of mine. Again, I think NYU is looking for a well-rounded person...a person with life or work experience, or just something different. I remember there was an applicant on the Spring 2013 AllNurses page who had a 4.0 undergrad and 4.0 in pre-reqs and she was rejected! So, its not all in the grades! Write a great essay :)

anyone logged onto the NYU homepage with your ID? there's so much stuff going on lol!

I have! I was so confused, haha, but I like how they show you everything that they've received on there! I haven't found a way to figure out if they've received my transcript, though...

I was confused too! I checked last year's forum to see how the applicants checked their application statuses lol. I went to Academics > ALBERT (I wonder why NYU calls it that, haha) > Application status and it shows whether they have processed your transcripts. :)