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New York Presbyterian PHARM EXAM! - page 7

i am feeling overwhelming with the studying of the drugs that columbia wanted us to know. i understand knowing the side effects are important. but do they really ask you about drug interaction and... Read More

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    Thanks Ebony. This was helpful and I appreciate it!

    Best of luck!
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    Thanks so much! That's the email I use for these kinds of things, so I'm covered. Thanks again!
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    passed! math is a piece of cake. Pharm side effects/adverse is a little tricky but like everyone suggested, know the catagories and the main meds given in each one. There were a few I've never heard of, but the majority are well-known.

    You can do it! :-)
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    Congrats on passing the test! I take it on Thurs. I'm pretty nervous. If you dont mind me asking GSpice, what did you get? Im pretty confident on the math and I know the major drugs used for each category so hoping Ill do OK.
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    I got a 90. That's low for me, lol, but who cares right? An 80
    is all u need. I'm sure you will pass. I was nervous too, but remind yourself how many nerve wracking exams you've taken and passed! ;-) You will be fine!
    Best of luck but you won't need it. :-)
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    I feel like a loser, I failed by a question she said when I take it again it"ll be the same drugs, but different questions. I don't remember the drugs..haha. Does anyone remember the drugs you got? I'm super nervous now and I don't want to lose this!
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    I'm sorry Kate.
    I was kind of in a hyper-nervous state when taking it, so I remember the drugs being the MAjOR and most common drugs of each class, with the exception of 2 or 3 being ones that I'd never heard of.
    If you only missed it by 1 question, you should pass next time!

    good luck Kate! :-)
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    I just failed it too. 78%. They gave me no info about next test. I take it on Monday. RN Kate we should def talk. I don't know how to send messages but we might be able to helP each other out. I even got a math wrong. Think it had to do with reconstitution.
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    Hi, I was wondering if you would be able to send me the study material for the pharm exam as well at I greatly appreciate for all the help. I am so nervous, I don't know what to expect. THANKS!!
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    Jgruber215, How did you do yesterday?! Sorry I didn't talk with you..I was super stressed and couldn't send you private messages. Thank goodness after all of that studying I passed!
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    Congrats, RN Kate. Just wondering, so what is the retake test actually like? The same exact test or different?
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    I passed on second try!
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    Hi Kate,

    I am scheduled for an interview this coming week at NYP. Any suggestions how to study for the pharm exam? Any study quide provided? I am extremely nervous, its been a while since I took a pharm test. Math is not my strongest subject. Plz help Thank You in advance for any information provided.