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Good night ladies and gentlemen, I took my NCLEX exam today. I walked out of the center feeling like a failure :eek: :crying2:, but after reading the forums, I decided to try the Pearsonvue Trick (PVT). I got the "good" pop... Read More

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    I waited like 3 weeks and I never got my license yet and its not on the BON website either. Im getting worried
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    Ilove did you ever get your license?
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    For me it took two weeks after passing the nclex for my license to appear at the BON website. To get the ATT, it took like 3 to 4 weeks. Meanwhile other states such as Florida were posting license #'s 2 days after the Nclex. New York sucks big time!
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    Hey gmkj ,I've been trying to find a lpn job for at least a month,and I'm newly licensed ,do you know of n e place hiring new grass,need help,thanks
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    I passed the NY NCLEX last week. Now I understand why I did not saw my name in the NYSED. Did you guys have Infection control and child abuse certificates before taking the NCLEX because I don't. I am presntly getting those requirements and am still confused if they are needed to receive the license.
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    Can anyone who has passed the NCLEX recently discuss how long it took for them to see their license online? It's only been a week for me but I accepted a job as a nurse at a summer camp and need to apply for endorsement in PA ASAP. Luckily, the camp directors are aware of my situation and are willing to work with me in terms of what I can and can't do based on my licensure. It's just frustrating that I would have maybe already had my license somewhere else. Thanks!
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    I took NCLEX on April 25,2012
    I was able to see my license verified in the BON website on June 6, 2012.
    I received my license certificates on June 25, 2012. I live in Nueva Ecija, Philippines.
    My address in the certificate is misspelled so I called the NYSED 3 nights ago. Hoping to get the new one a couple of weeks from now just enough to present it in the US embassy for my interview.
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    so happy i found this thread! i took my nclex last friday and starting a per diem job on monday. the admin wants my # by friday. many thanx it takes about a week for it to post. praying its up by this friday so i can send it in.

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    Did my NCLEX June 14,2012( 39.3 Weeks Pregnant), Name appear online June 19,2012.. What a double blessing!
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    I need to share a positive news about this trick.After my test, i didn't check this trick.I checked after 6 hours ,then i got the popup message saying " my results is on hold" My test was ended when I reach 93 question.It was not easy exam.70% of questions are SATA or rearrange questions.I did well.But I was scared at 74 question.I don't want my exam to end at 75 th question.As a average student, I thought that if that exam ends at 75 i must be a very good or very bad level.I am NOT a great student to get 99's always. But I am not the bottom student too.I am in the range of " B" level student.
    Only one day i saw the HOLD results note.Next day I got the good popup.
    I can say 100% of this success belongs to GOD.
    Dont worry if you not a great student to take NCLEX. NCLEX exam is not testing you for a Doctor position.Its just checking about your minimum level of knowledge in Nursing skills. Its not expecting you to be the smartest.
    You dont have to read all the books in this world for NCLEX.
    One book is enough.Read and understand the concept.My recommendation will go to Saunders 5the edition.Read all Select all apply questions from this book.Then practice by content by content.Try to redo where you are weak.I was weak in Psycho social and growth and development.And don't postpone you exam date and don't worry about failure.Failure in life is very important to succeed.we need to accept the failure.If we don't know the pain of failure ,we will never know the taste of success.Thomas Edison is the only one person in this world who failed MORE times than any one else.At the same time,He is the only one who passed( won) more times than any one else. He invented more for us than any one.This is to increase your confidence level.Its just a exam.Its not everything in life. We all are working hard for success.But NOT all are succeeding always.
    We need to prepare well .My one more recommendation is Lippincott's new format questions book.You will be fine.GOD BLESS US ALL
    Goodluck with your NCLEX.

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