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  1. Hi everyone, I'm relocating from SF to NYC with my boyfriend, who is attending Columbia Architecture. We're living super close to campus in University Housing. I graduated in 2014 with my BSN and work in public health. I would love to work at New York Presbyterian (NYP), and received a rejection from a recruiter for one of the two jobs I've applied to so far. I contacted her via LinkedIn to ask about other opportunities. Since I'm a year + out of school, I can't go to their new grad events. Any ideas of on how to break into NYP? I'm strongly considering walking in with my resume once there in August. Thanks!!!
  2. sarahruby

    California NCLEX-RN takers!

    I'm glad I found this thread! I took the NLCEX July 9th in Oakland, got the good pop-up and still NOTHING. Nothing online or by mail. I've called so many times and they tell me that my evaluator technically has until August 9th to finish my file. I'm not sure what to do but drive up there.
  3. Hi there, I took the NCLEX July 9th and I am still waiting...Pearson pop up worked but I'm still nervous. Called the CA BRN and they said it might be my transcripts, but I already received my transcripts that were sent the same day from my school like 3+ weeks ago. Hmmmm.
  4. sarahruby

    UC Davis RN Residency July 2014 (Summer)

    AlwaysCane- They already interviewed for OR or the New Grad?
  5. sarahruby

    UCLA New Grad Summer 2014

    I'm in the same boat for L&D! Hoping their reviewing soon...
  6. Hello! This is a thread for all those who applied for the UC Davis Summer 2014 New Graduate Residency. Best of luck to all!
  7. sarahruby

    UCLA New Grad Summer 2014

    Hello, This is for those who applied to UCLA's Summer 2014 New Graduate Residency program, to exchange information and questions. Thanks! :)
  8. sarahruby

    UCLA New Grad RN Winter 2014

    Hello has anyone heard about the Summer 14 program deadlines? I've started my app but don't know when to finish it...
  9. That's a great question! I'm really not sure, when I looked at my 'DARS' report on MYSFSU it looked like I have so much to do before graduation! I think I'm going to go see a counselor.
  10. Hello! I'm excited, I think I finally decided on SFState over CSUEB...I've signed up for orientation for the university this summer but we won't have a nursing one until fall since we start in spring right?
  11. sarahruby

    SFSU 2011 applicants

    According to the emails, the waitlist should now be open I wonder how long it will take before anyone is notified...
  12. sarahruby

    CSU East Bay Fall 2011 Applicants

    Now that we're at the tail end of the application process, I realized that I no longer feel like I applied to a million schools like I did in the beginning. Each school takes on a more significant meaning.
  13. sarahruby

    SFSU 2011 applicants

    I'm a transfer, and the waitlist isn't open until May 1st, so I'll know then but I applied to CSULB too so good luck to us on that school!
  14. sarahruby

    SFSU 2011 applicants

    I thought of something--- they said they definitely give priority to people in the local area, for example Marin, Alameda, Contra Costa and San Mateo counties. But it's still not fair!
  15. sarahruby

    SFSU 2011 applicants

    I thought SFState didn't require a letter of recommendation. I don't know my stats by heart have a 3.74 GPA and a pre-req GPA higher than that, TEAS V of 82, and the language component, volunteer experience. I was frustrated because I received my CNA license after the deadline so that wasn't included I don't think. Good luck to everyone, I know May 1st will be here before we know it!