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The thread here for the Columbia University ETP program for entry in 2012 is pretty long (45 pages right now!), so I was hoping to elicit some of the same responses for those who are applying in... Read More

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    Hi Everyone. I've applied to CUSON's 2013 ETP program with a specialty in Women's Health. Anyone else?
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    Did anyone else get the email that says "We have resolved an error that occurred and your application can now be submitted." ? I'm so confused because I submitted my application in early October.
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    Yes, I received it the emails. They have a new deadline because of it, November 19th. I followed up with them and my status has now changed.
    Submission Status: Submitted
    Submitted Date:
    Application complete. Your file has been forwarded to Admissions Committee for review.

    Fingers and toes are officially crossed.
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    Hey dee,

    I got that email also and called admissions office. She said to ignore it and that it was for people who havent submitted yet!

    Good luck!
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    Thanks RVLy!! *sigh of relief*
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    Does anyone not have the status that says application complete? Mine still says my GRE scores aren't there but I know ETS sent them Oct 24th. I sent an email yesterday but I haven't gotten a response. I turned my application in on October 12th.
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    My status wasn't complete until last week or so and I submitted my application the first week of October. Maybe they are just backed up with updating? I called admissions just to make sure they had received everything and they did. I wouldnt worry too much since you have record of when the scores were sent, just give them a call though to be sure. They are pretty helpful.
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    Has anyone else applied to Columbia and NYU for Spring 2013? I was just accepted to NYU's program. Wondering if anyone else will be in the same boat--having to decide about NYU without knowing about Columbia.
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    Quote from itnn123
    Has anyone else applied to Columbia and NYU for Spring 2013? I was just accepted to NYU's program. Wondering if anyone else will be in the same boat--having to decide about NYU without knowing about Columbia.
    Do you mean the Summer/Fall term? I thought Columbia only started once per year, in June. NYU accepts students for both Fall and Spring, but their deadline for the Fall (September start) is not until March so I will be applying if I do not get into Columbia.
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    No I applied for NYU's Spring 2013 term which starts end of January 2013--about a week before Columbia decisions go out.
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    Oh I gotcha now. But that is a bummer! I would be too anxious to put myself in a position like that (although I actually couldn't right now considering I won't graduate from college until Spring 2013). But honestly, I like NYU a lot and I don't think you could go wrong with choosing it before knowing about Columbia, that is if you like it a lot too! Do you think there is any way you can defer until the Fall at NYU so you can see whether you get into Columbia as well? That way you may be able to pick between two great schools!
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    Thanks Dee. At least I do have confirmation incase something goes wrong. My guess is they are just busy and that Sandy was not helping the process.

    I would take NYU's acceptance. This is only my opinon though, I would probably be scared of turning down a garauntee for a maybe chance at getting in to Columbia. I'm sure you're a great candiate but you just never know, I've heard of people getting in to a top 3 school but being rejected by a top 20 school. I would have been in the same boat as you but I decided against applying for NYU spring admission and I am doing the Fall.
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    itnn123, I agree with morgan. if you have an offer from nyu, i would take it. ive heard too often how somebody has an ideal app, but was denied for some mysterious reason.
    And if you get accepted to Columbia, you could find out if the classes transfer, and switch over at the end of semester.