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so, im 22 months and counting......still no job. this is the biggest mistake of my life. Ive been turned down by mcdonalds and target too!!!!! i have no more hope or tears left to shead. i guess its... Read More

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    "this is the biggest mistake of my life"

    I feel the same way..It sounds like we must have graduated around the same time. I Could of done something else like dental hygeine.. Now I've wasted 3 years in nursing school and almost 2 years post licensure looking for a job. Prior to nursing, I held a decent job in a hospital laboratory and left that job when I went back to school. I have been unsuccessful in finding a laboratory position now and I have experience in the field and good references.. I wonder why?? My guess is the nursing degree....I have also applied for waitressing jobs to no avail. The thought of going back to school for something else and paying another $20 000 and ANOTHER two or three years for another degree makes me livid...I've become somewhat bitter from this and I'm just not the same anymore. I never hear from my friends that got jobs and I dont even want to talk to friends back home because they dont seem to believe that there are no jobs and think somethings wrong with me... This situation has made me quite depressed...

    On the positive side, I wont give up. I am looking into correctional nursing now as they seem to be more willing to hire w/no exp. Have you tried any prisons?

    Best of Luck, Dont give up
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