Any info on ny hosp queens??

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    I was just hired at New York Hospital Queens and wanted to know if anyone could give me some info on the hospital? How's the staff, orientation, working environment? Thanks in advance!

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    No information to help you out, but I was wondering what your hiring process was like and if they take ADN's.
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    Sorry I dont have any info for you but I have a question. I am being considered for a LPN position at the hospital. How was the pharm test? How many questions? Please help because I am driving myself crazy trying to prepare.
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    kristen75- I'm not sure if they hire ADNs, I applied by submitting my resume maybe about 1-2 weeks later I was called for an interview and hired on the spot. Within a week, I had to take the pharm exam so everything happened fairly quickly I think.

    ArmstrongLPN- the pharm test was not bad at all, the study guide they give you, study that. I only studied that guide and I passed. It was 20 med math questions which werent too hard and 20 questions about specific meds and all the meds they asked about were on the study guide. You have to get an 80% on each part of the test to pass and I believe if you fail the first time you have 1 more chance to take it. Good luck
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    Thank You soo much for the info and for the speedy responce Now I can stop freaking out and study lol
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    Congrats to you!
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    ArmstrongLPN- no prob! you'll do fine
    grateful2010- thanks!
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    Hi nycnurse18. I grew up in NYC and moved to CA due to some personal issue. I graduated in Dec 2010 with ASN nursing degree and got my RN license in CA end of march. I have been job hunting ever since then without any luck. I am so disappointed and my family in NY is telling me to move back to NY and try there because I have more family support there. I've heard most new grad nurses in NY hold BSN degree in nursing. If I were to go back to NY, I am competing with all those BSN nurses. I was thinking if those BSN nurses in NY are having hard time getting a job, it's going to be 2x harder for me. True?

    nycnurse18, is that a new grad program that you applied at NY hospital Queens? Do they require BSN? Anyway, I am happy that you got hired right on the spot. you must be a really bright nurse and did really well during interview. I hope you have a nice start there.
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    Try Centinela Hospital Medical Center in Inglewood. They always hire new graduate.

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