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  1. Kristen75

    Fired for Pyxis discrepancy

    I have everything written down and already have an attorney. It was the first thing I did once I calmed down. The attorney's I did interview all said that this wasn't about 5mg waste and feel that this can be fought. It makes me feel better but I am crushed and feel so scared about what is going to happen. It makes me question going on with nursing.
  2. Kristen75

    Fired for Pyxis discrepancy

    I am not union. I have no protection there. I am just at a loss and sick over this.
  3. Kristen75

    Fired for Pyxis discrepancy

    I have been trying to reach the nurse that I was working with but she isn't returning calls or texts. I asked for management to speak with the nurses on duty that night and they said no. I do know that night the charge nurse had to unplug the Pyxis the reset it. I have spoken to attorneys and they said it makes no sense and since they want to report to the BON I called my malpractice and was referred to a few attorneys to speak with. I am sick over this whole situation.
  4. Kristen75

    Fired for Pyxis discrepancy

    This was the first issue. Never had any patient complaints or other problems. I had been working at the hospital for 2 months as a seasonal employee. I had said that we are doing it wrong but was told that is how we do wastes at this hospital. I asked for a drug test immediately but was refused. I was also refused proof to see the Pyxis records. Heck, there is a seasonal nurse working there that got busted for DUI and he got to keep his job. I know the first thought everyone has is, guilty. But I know how scared I am of not wasting and know I am fanatical about having a witness and wasting. In 4 years as a nurse I have never had this happen.
  5. Kristen75

    Fired for Pyxis discrepancy

    I was terminated from a position because 5mg of Valium was ordered and I removed 10mg of Valium from the pyxis. I gave the 5mg of Valium and went to waste the other 5. The nurse that went with me signed into the pyxis, selected the patient, selected waste and then had me log in under my info. I selected the waste amount and then hit accept and went on about my day. A few days later I was terminated because they said I didn't waste the med. I know it was wasted but was told that the pyxis doesn't show a waste. How does this happen? I know it was done. I requested a drug test but was not given one, just terminated. Any advice?
  6. Kristen75

    What is your ER like.....need advice?

    Your staffing ratios are a dream to me. I work in NYC and there have been nights where I have had upwards to 17 patients to myself. Most nights it is between 10-12. Usually work on a team with two nurses (good nights there will be a third) and each team will have between 20-35 patients per team. If we are lucky we will have a tech. Pretty much do everything by the seat of your pants and pray.
  7. Kristen75

    North Shore LIJ Critical Care Fellowship

    No, they are only taking BSN. I was told this by HR.
  8. Kristen75

    Giving Up on Nursing

    Have you read the boards here about not being able to get hired? Hospitals want EXPERIENCE and nurses with that get snatched up. Without experience no job. No, I don't have a criminal record. As for staying positive, I have tried that. Making myself valuable...I have certifications. I do volunteer but even when I volunteer they don't have spots. I am trying everything that I can think of, plus some, but the jobs aren't out there.
  9. Kristen75


    I received my welcome packet and needless to say, I am so confused on where to start and what I need to take. I have been trying to see my DARS but it looks like everything is under review. I am confused on how long the program takes and just all around feel like I am spinning. I am reading the threads and hopefully will get the hang of all of this. Any advice for a newbie?
  10. Kristen75

    March 26 start

    I received all of my information a few days ago and I applied before Christmas.
  11. Kristen75

    Giving Up on Nursing

    I am giving up on nursing. I was in EMS for 8 years and became a nurse and now I can't find a job. I could only afford an Associates and hoped that my EMS experience would help. Guess not. I finished a BSN and now I am never going to be able to pay back these loans. I was turned down for the ED Fellowship at NS/LIJ and that was just a kick in the face. I have been here a year and can't find a job. I have been passed over for people with no experience. I have been told I interview great and I am liked, but no job. I am really crushed over this and I am done. Please don't tell me to apply here or there because at last count, I have sent out over 500 resumes. There is only so much rejection a person can take. I have tried hospitals, LTC, sub-acute, acute, psych, clinics, etc and nothing. I did have one job but because I wouldn't falsify records, I left. I left another state to come here for family support, so I can't move. I have no idea on where to go but I am finished with nursing.
  12. I would highly recommend having something lined up before coming out here. The market is saturated. Do you have an associate or bachelor degree? If you have an associate, you will be looking for awhile. Do you have your NY license yet?
  13. Kristen75

    Plan to move to NYC with family - need advice

    I would suggest starting the licensing process now as well as job hunting. It will also depend on how fast you will find a job if you are an Associate degree holder or a Bachelor degree holder.
  14. Kristen75

    Another rant regarding MA's and Nurses

    In NY, it clearly states in the Nurse Practice act that only a nurse can be called a nurse. Not an MA, not a secretary. It also states that only a nurse can triage a patient. So, I would check with your states BON and go from there.
  15. Do you have your BSN? I am still looking and not having much success. I saw that they are requiring experience but you said you are a new grad. Did you do clinicals there or extern there?
  16. Kristen75

    Lenox Hill Hospital - New Grad RN

    Cpngratulations on getting into the ED at lennox hill through their fellowship program.