What's a fair salary for a NEW RN GRAD?

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    Very curious....I live in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area. Also, do you think it's professional to negotiate your first offer?

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    New grads generally do not have the background or experience to negotiate starting salary as there are many unemployed new grads waiting for the same job. No option for negotiation if the facility is union.

    You can check salary.com or glassdoor.com for pay rates, but it depends on the facility/specialty. I know CHoP is a highly coveted employer with low turnover and thus the rates are bit lower than other facilities. I've seen starting RN-BSN for hospital range from $22 to $35/hr (or more) in the area depending on facility, location, shift and type of unit.

    But remember to also include potential benefits if you have multiple offers. A per diem job with no benefits will have a higher pay rate than a full time job with medical benefits. Good luck in your job search.
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    I am a new grad who started working this past year in NJ. I received two offers

    1. $26.24 w/$3 diff for part of shift between 3pm-11pm, and $6.50 diff for part of shift between 11pm-7am

    2. $27.64 w/$3 diff for night shift and and additional $3 diff for weekend shifts

    I didn't try to negotiate, both places seemed to have a set rate that they offered new grads

    What have others experiences been?
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    I'd say normal is around $27/hour + any differentials. I believe in NJ some places pay more than that, upwards of $30. I have been hired at a hospital in Philadelphia and the pay is higher than I was told at the few other hospitals I applied at. It will be $29.37/hour + 10% differential for evenings and another 10% on that for weekends.
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    iridium what hospital pays that much
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    Working per diem at a nursing home I was getting 32.00/hr. Hospital pay, I'm getting 29.50/hr. These are locations in North Jersey.
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    with 1 year experience i have seen various offers : north jersey anywhere from 32-36 (on nights ) + 2-4$ weekend dif
    central nj 27$days-32 night shift
    pa 25-29$

    being that your a new rn ull be on nights and can expect starting pay of 27-30$ not including night dif
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    Thanks for the info. I was also wondering what it would be.
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    28 base ... full time new grade LTC
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    Work at a hospital in Camden; as a new grad, I started at $31/hr + 10% evening diff and 15% night diff.
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