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  1. KittyinNj

    Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    I came into nursing as a 2nd career. First career paid 2 x as much and didnt have to deal with miserable old nurses. When i tell people i was in pharma the automatically assume i was in sales because i look like a model. Hey their words not mine LOL! Anyhows, I think floors should have a good mix of younger and older nurses. Its nice when the older nurses can teach the younger ones!! As for patients who may give better ratings based on looks? I highly doubt that! Now if your a great nurse + great looks then thats wonderful. You can also be old fat slow and still be a good nurse if you want. On the other hand, I dont know how a nurse with 20+ years of experience who weighs 250lbs can be as agile and flexbile as me who is 130 lbs and works out. as for them hiring younger nurses, its because theres high turn around. My floor has hired 15 new grads and we are level 1 trauma center along with top 50 hospital rating. Who in their right mind would want to do floor nursing and blow out your back at the age of 40 with the need of nerve block shots? not i, thats why floor nursing is a stepping stone not a finally nursing career choice for me. And as for the miserable older nurses, find something that you enjoy doing and dont eat your young, because the young can eat you too ciao
  2. KittyinNj

    Critical Care Nursing, Capstone AH!?

    Ok so i survived med surge, pharm, fundamentals, etc. However i am so lost in my capstone class, critical care nursing!!!! How in the world am i suppose to study for this, it seems the book is horrible contains so much medical info (as if i were in med school) any good books that anyone can recommend or better yet how to study for this class, i do not want to think of it as my med surge class from 2 semesters ago, because i have been ther edone that, so how am i going to get thru this i wanna graduate already ugh someone who has taken this pls any advice?
  3. KittyinNj

    UMDNJ Accelerated BSN Program

    its called you take a personal loan out cause its a 2nd degree.... you have to provide documentation for everything either you work part time, have a hubby or live at home is how to survive :) make sure you have a strong support system cause personally this program is not organized and prob will never be,,, were just nursing students not med students lol
  4. KittyinNj

    Licensure by Endorsement...timing?

    Theres no jobs in NJ besides per diem that require 2-3 yrs of exp... new grad in the process here
  5. KittyinNj

    Need help finding job in NJ...

    Im in last semester of a bsn program, everywhere we are doing our rotations at (Big name hospitals too) the nurses say HOPE your willing to move to the west coast or midwest cause there are no jobs in NJ... funny how people thing NJ does have jobs though ... will be a wake up call for recent graduates as they embark a new career and realize that there is hope OUTSIDE of nj :)
  6. KittyinNj

    UMDNJ Accelerated BSN Program

    Funny thing is this, here you wont have 8 hours a day to study :) time management is what matters the most
  7. KittyinNj

    Things you would LOVE to say to your nursing instructors...

    NO we arent interested in GROUP projects cuz theres always 1 bee that doesnt do the work NO i dont want group discussions also! No i dont want POSTS Online that take 2 hours to respond to , andyour lazy aSS cant grade them on time REVIEWING exams, I have the RIGHT to see my exam and the test ?s how can i know what i got wrong and what i answeered,,,, goshhh the deans gonna hear about this!!! PS, you hated nursing and obviously hate teaching it, just retire already and make room for us to get jobs when we graduate ok ? :)
  8. actually it is well known that the exams are confused. However, the exams are supposedly harder then the NCLEX questions, in order to prepare us for the NCLEX. Certain classes ask crazy ? that youll never see on the nCLEX and this is coming from my DNP professors who teach in my acccelerated program. Dont focus on the grades, focus on just passing and understanding the material. A, B, grades dont matter, in the end what matters is that you pass the NCLEX, also for people who are STUCK on this whole gpa thing in nursing school, DRs that i know and DNP that interview new grads dont look at gpas, they look at the school past work history and the fact that you passed your boards.
  9. KittyinNj

    UMDNJ Accelerated BSN Program

    orientation is just meeting everyone, they give you a break down of the schedules, you have presentations from a variety of departments including IT, financial aid, etc. its alot of info so bring patience with you :) we all had to attend the orientation and theres a folder with much information :)
  10. And if it were wrapped around their neck, no we wouldnt asses your airway first!
  11. -clinicals, NO your not better then everyone else, i dont care that your 35 y/o, volunteered as an emt, and never held a FT job, unlike us who worked FT in the medical industry - STOP SAYING that theres plenty of jobs, NO hospitals hiring when there are hospital closures around us, YOU WILL NEED to MOVE to find a JOB & i dont care who you know & if your a minority! we are all graduating with the same degree you ignorant b!tch - OB - Please stop saying you have kids or just had a baby and are asking for signs and symptoms, go TO YOUR primary care physician for YOUR medical concern PEDS - once again ask your PCP not our instructor to talk about your kids for 10 min of OUR CLASS TIME Stop using ur IPOD Blackberry to play games in the class, just leave. Stop txting no ones that important, or just leave. Yes you studied the night before the exam, and get an 88, but i studied 4 days in a row and got an 84. rightttt you studied the day before and prob got a 68 no need to inflate your grades so stop asking me what i got! Do you think with your attitude and the way you talk about your classmates, that in the REAL WORK FORCE your allowed to TALK BACK, say nasty comments, act as if your entitled to something based on your ethnicity or background or who you know? you wont last long in a real full time job. to the people who graduated with prior degrees and complain that their loans are 80k and this program will put them at 100k loan, you werent forced to sign up for this and NO you wont get a job making 90k a year, youll be lucky to get a per diem job with no benefits for your first 2 years and thats a positive outlook. dont ask whats due this week and next week, read the 20 page syllabi like the rest of us no i dont want you in my group when your busy taking care of your 2 kids, and submit your part 3 days lates and you put NO effort into our last group project cheaters - good luck on the nclex hope you pass it on 5th try with 200+ questions in ur que if your 22, stop being naive, youve never worked a real job, and have no clue what its like to have a full time job, and clinical rotations doesnt mean this is what a full time nursing job looks like keep your trap closed when the professors talking!!!!!\ I dont care what your clinical patient had, keep it for your time in your clinical group, not our class time in the middle of our lecture!!! ughhh thank goodness we dont spend 4 years with these people!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. KittyinNj

    Umdnj,acceptance,fall 2009

    Each level has a different amount of clinical days. Your expected to basically keep your whole week free. As a level one you have 1 clinical day, but dont be fooled, you will be working and busy the other 4 days!!!! During orientation you will get all your information about schedules classes and so forth. Good luck & Congrats!:)
  13. KittyinNj

    UMDNJ Accelerated BSN Program

    Lvl 3 student here, as for group projects theres a few. So do not feel overwhelmed in the begining :)
  14. KittyinNj

    UMDNJ Accelerated BSN??

    Im in the program. The clinicals are definitely not a "one time thing" this is where we get our experience from. They are every week and are up to 3-4 x a week depending on which level your in. yes there can be saturday clinicals through out the 4 levels, meaning 4 semesters. If your placed into a saturday clinical you have to do it unless you can find someone to switch it with you. However, through the levels no one has been willing to give up their saturday to someone who has been placed in saturday clinical so dont bank on that. They tell you that once your in the program you have to be available for whatever days you need to be there for.
  15. KittyinNj

    UMDNJ Fall 2010

    If you applied in June and its august, the classes are prob full by now... however if they are full youll get reviewed for the following semester jan 11. thats how its been for most of my classmates too.. keep your head up high :)