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Hi All, This is my first time starting a Thread on this site, and second time posting in general. I Start CNA/ phlebotomy Program on monday :yelclap: {which is about 2 months long} and plan to start LPN School in... Read More

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    Quote from eXtraOrdinaire
    I would first like to start off by saying that Merit is a for profit school. I do not understand why they are demonized for that fact. In our economy they fulfill a need. I have attempted to get into multiple LPN programs in NYC and they are all filled. Everyone's situation is different and they must weigh the pros and cons. If you can afford to wait you should go to another program which is less expensive. If, like me, you would like to start as soon as possible you should go to a Meritt. The costs may seem prohibitive but if you would like to become a nurse the public institutions are extremely competitive but if you have your LPN license its easier to get in.

    Starting a school like Merit offers opportunities to those that wouldn't have any. I have my bachelors degree in Information Technology and it means nothing to most programs. After being angry about that I decided to go into a program were I can excel and move forward. I'm not advocating that you go to Meritt. I'm advocating thinking for yourself after researching the facts and applying them to your individual situation. If you are guaranteed to get into another program then you should choose them.

    I would like to open a for profit institution like Meritt in Savannah, GA. I know that area is really depressed and doesn't have a program like Meritt in existence. I would like to make a profit because profits are necessary for any institution to exists. The only difference between for profit and non profit schools is that one is subsidized by tax dollars and one is not. The tuition relationship is one that deals with scarcity. If the costs are too low then their is a shortage if the costs are too high then their is a surplus. If they were overpriced people wouldn't go their.

    Trust me I don't like the idea of spending $13,000 dollars for an LPN program but I don't like being out of work even more.
    There's nothing wrong w/ being FOR PROFIT as long as we dont get the short end of the stick as consumers. If an establishment main focus is to get your money over insuring your success, then there's a reason to be concerned; especially if their success seem to coincide w/ the state requirements for them to stay in business.
    I am not the type to go to school and blame the teacher for my mistakes. I just need to get the best help that can be made available to me (&why not +more for the money im paying lol)
    Have you entered the Merit program &graduated? How was the experience there? Speaking of being out of work, after getting accepted to the school, I became UI :-( Any suggestions on FA options since Merit doesn't offer one from jump?

    Thanks a million!

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    Quote from NewBeginings
    Hello Melhun,

    This was a very insightful reply to BrownOcean. I wonder why spend the Extra cash when the ultimate goal is to acquire a LPN license.
    I am looking to start with Merit too actually. Did you graduate from Merit?Whats the best advice you could give me as a new comer? Whats the best way for me to get FA to attend this school since Merit won't offer any?
    Thanks for all your support

    Newb, I have no experience with Merit but I was an instructor for a short time in one of the other big name tech schools in NJ. I found that the administration was on the students side no matter what they did, they would not be kicked out, including sexual harrassment, cheating, disrespect to instructors, you name it, they got away with it. To kick them out would mean a loss of money for the school and they just would not do it. Generally speaking, the motivated students did well but their clinical experience was weak and the curriculum was watered down. For the money they paid they should have gotten a much better education. Since there were not enough instructors or clinical sites, they did alot of the required clinical hours in a lab with dummies as opposed to real patients. My advice to anyone would be to avoid these types of schools. It was much more lax than the LPN program I graduated from years ago. After talking about my experience I found other instructors/students with similar experiences. I dont know much about financial aid except that you get more if you are low income, you just have to apply and see what you are eligible for. You can do the (fafsa) free application for financial aid on the web. The aid does not have to come from the school. You can get loans and or grants from the federal government. If you are going to do that, you might as well go to a 2 or 4 year school if your situation permits. JMO. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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    Thanks for such a prompt response Melhun,

    Like few posted before Nursing is a very competitive field, as a result, their waiting list are usually very long to get accepted. Thats provided you had a good GPA from your previous school. Merit presented me to train towards getting my license and get things started.
    I am still looking into FA and i will let you know what i come up w/.
    As a teacher what school would you then recommend for someone in need like me? Poor experience that you were referring to, was that w/ Merit are other technical school like LT? If I can get my feet wet just w/ a license and the proper experience from that school (wouldn't want to waste my time you know). If Clinical is going to be a problem, is there a a hospital where one might volunteer in possibly? what are the requirements to volunteer at a hospital?

    Thanks a million
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    Well I agree that everyone's situation is different. People that are currently Nurses aren't the best ones to go to for advice. Now I know I'm going to offend some people with that statement. The people that are currently in the field should know best how to enter. Unless they have done so recently times have changed in the last decade. Having my bachelors already my aunt says to me, why do LPN its a waste of time. The LPN program is a bridge to becoming an RN. If I could get into an RN program I would. I was rejected by a school that I graduated from with a 3.0 because I had failed English a decade ago. The counselor said that I would never be allowed into the program. I couldn't believe it. Trust me if you want to wait on a list for a few years to save a few grand then be my guest, me I would rather pay the money now, become an LPN and then enter and LPN to BSN bridge program. I have done my research and this is the best way to go for me. If you have a stellar GPA then a more traditional route would be best.
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    Kudos to you ExtraOrdinaire, Thats what i am working on too. Thats the bigger picture
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    I was wondering, how was the entrance test. What should i look out for. I also have to return back to Lin Tech in November to take the entrance test again, I fail the reading and math section by one point
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    Can you tell me what to expect on the entrance test. Thanks!
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    Personally would not recommend that school..... Not worth your time and money..... the following link could give you a good idea of the type of people they are..... and not to mention why they are really not accredited.....
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    wow! But this was back in 2007, did they fix the problem
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    i go to Merit. they ARE money hungry and they are also DISORGANIZED. please save yourself the grief and save your money!! they claim to be the cheapest LPN school in NJ. but you will end up paying much more, trust me. they do everything in their power to make it impossible to pass!! the class before me 7 on them made it thru the whole prog without failing ANY classes. 7 out of about 40ish students. please do not go to this school

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