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Noela08 specializes in Home care.

I am a 28 year old mommy and wife. My goal and dream is to have a career in nursing (Homecare). I am trying to get into an LPN program and so far I am schedule to take a few entrance test. Wish me luck and pray for me!

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  1. Noela08

    "To Be or Not To Be a Nurse"...

    Thank you for your word of encouragement. I do plan to rebuild my future. I am schedule to take a few test, in hopes to start a program in January 2010, I enjoy this site... many ppl, (including my classmates) has experience what happened to me and we give each other hope.
  2. Noela08

    "To Be or Not To Be a Nurse"...

    I just wanted to cry after reading your post because I share the same emotion and feelings. They were offering an LPN program for 10 month and the tuition was 10,000 no finical aid ("because the school was new and nonprofit?")After passing an entrance exam, I met with the director who went over the program. I started school in January 07 weekend class from 8-4am. I was always the first one there very excited to learn. I received all my paper work and was told to apply in Connecticut to take the state board, I did. I was so excited; I could taste my license and feel my dreams as a nurse coming true. Connecticut received my paper work and information from my school. Then the letter for my test date came in the mail. I dance and sing to my family and friends. I took review classes and study with Kaplan online. Then the rumor started, the students were piling up in the directors office…why? The school is a fake, it was not accredited. Finally a month before my test, I received an email from Pearsonvue that my test was unscheduled. I died and came back to life. The rumors were true, to make a long story start, lost my money, everything down the drain. . So, I ask my self do I rebuild again what someone destroyed? Or move on to something else. That’s my story!
  3. Noela08

    anyone attending lincoln tech in new jersey?

    Hello, can you tell me what was on the test or what to look out for? was the test hard and how long was it? thanks!