Is it me...or is it impossible to get an interview and a job in NJ! :( - page 2

Ive passed my boards, graduated in may from a well known school in NJ. Got a 3.5 gpa. with 3 years of big pharma experience. IS it just me or is it really this impossible to find a job? How are people with 0 years of work exp... Read More

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    Good luck. I am working on-call in LTC. I have been there a year now and have been looking for part time or full time work off and on since I started my on-call job. Nothing. I am in Oregon and the job economy sucks here too.

    I did have an interview for SNF yesterday. I have a great resume, have been in healthcare for 10 years now, awesome references and great letters of recommendation. Who knows if I even will get an offer for this job. The interview was very strang. Not your typical interview. Who knows. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck to you.
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    I have been looking since January. Even the LTC place I worked at as an LPN didnt have anything. Knowing people who had jobs (they got hired before the recession or worked there as aides) in the places I've been applying had been fruitless so far. The HR lady that I spoke with on the phone today practically laughed at me when I tried to talk to her. I've applied up to an hour and a half away from me, other LTC places, clinics, you name it. I'm willing to do anything full time or part time. IDK what to do. I've had friend and families look at my resume. I have 10 years in the same company, 7 of them as an LPN. I feel ya.
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    Give it time. I'm in the same situation right now too. Been applying for a month and just took a temp position the other day for a flu clinic. It's definitely a start and at least gives me something while i'm continuing the search!!!
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    I'm an experienced nurse in this lousy state and cant get a full time staff position- If you have no ties- kids in school, spouse with a job, then go to another state. NJ really sucks- all around- attitudes, lack of jobs, property tax you name it and NJ is the worst.
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    Took me a year to find something. I start in Sept. Be persistent, take classes, seminars, volunteer and network. something will pan out eventually.
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    It is beyond impossible, I cant find anywhere that is willing to accept new grads in nj I am getting rather discouraged
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    Quote from RNCoral08028
    It is beyond impossible, I cant find anywhere that is willing to accept new grads in nj I am getting rather discouraged

    Its hard but not impossible. It took me a year and almost upon my year anniversary of graduating school, I got an interview and landed the job. Keep trying, Try everything within reason, and also network. Volunteer to get know the nurses and managers. Perhaps they can help you or keep you in mind when a position does open up.
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    I will be graduating with my BSN in December. I plan on applying to some jobs prior to graduation in hopes of having something lined up. Has anything in the northern NJ area had luck with finding a job before graduation?? I see on other posts that people have a real hard time finding jobs in NJ. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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    I graduated this past May w/ an associates..passed the NCLEX in July and actively searching all day every day. You might be luckier than I am because Valley, and Hackensack amongst others i presume prefer BSN. Ive seen allot more graduates get hired when they do a Externship in one of these hospitals...Good luck! )))
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    Yea I feel the same way..Ive put my kids and husband thru hell for the past 2 yrs in order to succeed and fullfill my I am putting them thru hell again because im crabby all day applying for jobs.


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