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lapoRtaN specializes in Nephrology.

New Grad RN NJ

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  1. Wilkes University FNP Spring 2020

    Hi everyone. I also plan for applying for the Spring 2021 semester. But since it is a newer program just wanted to know how are people liking the program so far?
  2. Saint barnabas

    The often have open houses you may be better off trying there first
  3. East Coast RN's-did you stay or go?

    Here at the hospital. Worked my shift. Got a bed. Sleeping here. In the am we are prepared for anything.
  4. Patient census in acute setting.

    Yes. In acutes for bedside patients we have 1:1 and in the unit it's 1:2. We don't even have techs. On a bust day depending on census we may have up to 4 shifts. But usually it's about 2 shifts per nurse. Btw I'm in New Jersey. Ratios may vary from s...
  5. Toileting during Dialysis

    In our facility it is mainly an infection control issue. Most of our LTC pts are diapered. And it is rarely a problem. A few times we had the patients family come clean the patient. But we do not have the supplies on the unit because it put the othe...
  6. From your previous post I see you work within the SBHCS. You should try another facility. In system transfers have to much easier than when you were first starting out Plus you have a very valid reason for wanting more stability. Good luck. Thinks wi...
  7. So, Tell Me About Dialysis...

    Fresenius hire new grads. Go in the facility ask for the clinic manager and hand him/her your app and pray for the best. Lol! Good luck to you
  8. Essex County College Fall 2011 Nursing Exam

    Go to the Blue Area or the allied health/nursing building. You will get better information from there.
  9. Essex County College Fall 2011 Nursing Exam

    I did micro separately. But you know yourself better than anyone. Nursing 108 and 233 are really challenging and they are both about 9 credits so that gives you an idea of how much time you need to spend on it. Good luck and CONGRATS!
  10. Essex County College Fall 2011 Nursing Exam

    Be patient guys. ECC is SLOW. Very slow. Lol
  11. Lovely allnurses, please help me!!! (Long)

    If you want to be a nurse go for. Anytime you want to start there will be 100 reasons not to. I started school when my son was 8 weeks and my daughter was 9. I made it and the kids are fine. Let go of the excuses and find a way if nursing is what you...
  12. Today I'm thankful for...

    I'm thankful that this holiday season I am employed as a Professional Nurse. And as a new grad I happy 3 options for employment in this economy. Feeling very blessed. And thank goodness I have a dishwasher and washer/dryer. Makes life much easier. ;-...
  13. CNA Training Programs

    If you are currently in a Nursing program and finished your first semester of Clinicals you do not have to take a CNA course. Visit NJ department of Health and Senior Service website there is a link where you can fill out an app to become a license C...
  14. Essex County College Fall 2011 Nursing Exam

    Good Luck to all of you guys! The NET is not that bad. Just basic info. Most ppl find the read hard because it is timed. I never got a copy of my NET back the just mailed me a letter that I passed and they went from there. Just remember to stay up on...
  15. Does nursing satisfy your needs?

    Not to further Hi-Jack-But Holy Cow we had 1 care plan a week and literally need naps after clinical. Lol Hope you find Nursing better now.