CNA Training Programs in NJ

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    Does anyone know of any schools in NJ that have CNA programs for people in nursing school or done with? (While I wait to start working since I won't be licensed until around October)

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    Apply to Mountainside Hospital, Overlook Hospital, Morristown Hospital and others in those areas. Some hospitals will hire you as a CNA/PSA because you are in nursing school. No certification or CNA license required.
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    nj state aproved programs: homemaker-home health training schools
    last updated 2006.
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    GCC offers a program:

    CC Vo-Tech offers a program:

    CCC offers one as well.
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    I'm not certified yet, though. But since I graduate from Nursing school in July, could I just take the exam? Or is there something more I have to do?

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    check info here for info on exams. students eligible after compeleting course in basic skills:

    nj nurse aide & personal care assistant candidate handbook

    more info: publications and forms

    private duty aides not permitted unless arranged through an agency in nj
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    I know there's a CNA program in Paramus through HoHoKus School. They're pretty well known in the area. Contact info is at the bottom. Here's their site:
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    oh also, if you enroll in the lpn program at hohokus- as long as you pass the first semester which includes gerontology with decent grades- the director of nursing can petition to allow you to sit for the CNA license exam.
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    If you want to get state certified and want to work anywhere you want in nj with no strings attatched, id go to ace training institute. i graduated last year and was very happy with the school i had chosen. it was easy and fast. definitely prepared me for nursing 1. i felt like i was ahead of the class going through their program.

    heres the link:

    they are approved by the senior service and health dept.

    hope this helps and good luck!

    joseph brita, NJ
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    Does anyone know what sort on $ CNA's are making in NNJ?

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