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CNA Certification Transfer

  1. 0 Hi Everyone! I'm new to this site but it certainly looks informative. I'm a CNA/Home Health Aide in Pennsylvania but I'm looking to move to New Jersey. I need to transfer my license. Any suggestions on where to look? :roll
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    Welcome to Why not check out the NJ State Forum for information?

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    :caduceus: hello, penguincna and welcome to

    good to have you with us.

    check here: - u.s. cna links

    or, contact the office of long term care in your state.

    enjoy the site.
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    Good luck to you. Welcome!
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    Yes, CNA certificate transfers via reciprocity, just need to file paperwork. Info on transferring CNA certificate to NJ found pg.47 :

    NJ Nurse Aide & Personal Care Assistant Candidate Handbook
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    Thank you so much everyone for the help. You have saved me a lot of research and my questions were answered thoroughly. I do have another, if I may ask. Do you know the wage range for a home health aide/cna in NJ?
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    Hello and welcome to allnurses.
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    It all depends with who it is. I was searching for Jobs on careerbuilder and i saw that Bayada is looking for CNA's. check it out. I know i saw it, but i dont know the wage.