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LNA in NH...how much per hour?

  1. 0 I am looking to work for a staffing agency. As a new LNA, how much can I expect to earn per hour?
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    I am wondering as well
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    I work 3rd shift and I am a new aid, I am getting 10.50 plus .50 diff. I hope that helps.
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    Good Lord. Is that all? $10.55ph? I was working at a job as a direct support professional making $10.22 ph. I am looking into becoming an LNA but those figures are very depressing! Does anyone out there make more than $10.55? Or is that all I have to look forward to?
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    I work per-diem on weekends and make $15 an hour. Day shift at my work starts around $11 I think, evenings are $12, and 3rd shift is around $15 an hour to start.
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    thanks so much for your response. I have to say that I am kind of discouraged with the pay. I thought it would be aat least $13 an hour anyway. $11 isn't much really.
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    It really depends on where you work. My first nursing home job after differentials payed me 13.25 an hour. Work staffing now(most wont take you until a year of experience-staffing agencies that is), and I make from 15-18 with them
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    Consider $15 to $18 a pretty good salary since that is what LPNs are paid in some places, if they are lucky.
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    I work with Right at Home in Londonderry, we serves all of southern NH. I make $11. an hour.
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    LTC 2ND SHIFT 11.75
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    A friend of mine just got her CNA (Maine's equivalent of the LNA) & she makes $11 working 3rd shift.
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    I am a new LNA in New Hampshire and I was just hired at a Nursing home, with no experience i was hired at 12.50 Per Hour because i work 3rd shift, otherwise day shifts I would get 10.50 Per hour. 40 cents extra on weekends. Hope this helps
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    I currently work at an Elemenatry School and make 15.05 an hour. I'm trying to figure out what the compensation should be in a school district as an LNA. They pay me what Instructional Assistants make. Is there any legitimate website where one can view all LNA salaries in a specific state? Thanks!