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I would like to hear from students of this program, do you recommend it? I can't imagine doing the didactic portion of a Nursing program online and then coming to campus/clinical sites for the rest... Read More

  1. by   Laurensbyrd
    @_nursebee The program has gone very well! I really feel like I'm learning how to be a great nurse and I have only had amazing feedback in clinical. Statistically, Roseman students do very well on the NCLEX and I believe that's because we are taught how to answer NCLEX-style questions from day 1.

    Utah is very beautiful this time of year. I am originally from the southeast (South Carolina) so it has been an adjustment but I enjoy it here. After having visited Vegas a few weeks ago, I will say I much prefer Utah. Haha! As far as the campuses go, I know the South Jordan (Utah) campus is much smaller than the Henderson (Vegas) campus. There are obviously pros/cons to each.

    I have only heard good things in clinical about how Roseman students are perceived and Roseman has a fantastic reputation in the valley surrounding SLC. I feel confident that I will be able to secure a great job following graduation/my passing the NCLEX.
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  2. by   jujubearxo

    Thanks for the input! I wasn't trying to knock the quality of the program, as I know Roseman has a great reputation even here in LV. How are you handling the 90% rate? It's pretty intimidating but do you feel you are being taught the knowledge to succeed with 90+% on each exam? Wishing you the best of luck.
  3. by   trixiehvl
    Hi Lauren!

    I've accepted my offer to the ABSN program in LV for feb 2018 and am very anxious!
    Just wanted to ask what's your insight on the didactic portion of the program? Do you feel prepared for clinicals learning in this way?
  4. by   Laurensbyrd
    Hi! Congrats to answer your question... yes! I am actually in block 10.1 right now (Adult Health II Clinical) and I have felt incredibly competent. The didactic portion is a lot and can be overwhelming but if you stay on top of it you will be successful.
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