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  1. rockiesgurl

    Am I competitive??

    Most schools will tell you what the previous class GPA average was in order to give you an idea of the type of students they are accepting into their program. I've seen those averasges at 3.1, 3.4 and 3.6 for various schools. There is a minimum GPA requirement that each school puts out in their admissions requirements page. I've researched atleast 100 ABSN programs and 3.0 is the typical minimum GPA they want. But I have seen schools that only require a 2.75 cumulative GPA... I would look for those schools, then repeat any courses you can to bring up your science GPA. Depending on the program, there are other factors weighted like TEAS exam or essays, or letters of recommendation and volunteer work. I think the key is being willing to move anywhere to get into the program that fits you. Just work with what you got, you might not get into Yale nursing school but I guarantee that there is a school out there that will take you if you put your best foot forward and show them you want this. Good luck!! :))
  2. rockiesgurl

    Should I wait? or should i Go?

    I would look into starting at Kaplan right away. Just go and talk to their Financial Aid office about scholarships, grants, free money and any other ways to get that "Ouch Factor" reduced.
  3. rockiesgurl

    Nursing School Questions

    Select your school first. Look at the admissions requirements to see what you need to complete in order to apply. Get the best grades that you can. Call and talk to the director of the program you want to get into and find out what is setting apart the best applicants from the average ones. Studying for classes depends on your learning style... so it's best to find out what that is and work really hard. Good luck! :)
  4. rockiesgurl

    Help!!! A&P has started!!!!!!

    I did the following and got excellent grades in A&P: 1. Read the Introduction of a chapter, then; 2. Read the Review/Study Outline at the end of the chapter 3. Look through the chapter and get familiar with the pages and look for stuff that is interesting (you remember it better) 4. Read the chapter slowly and highlight keywords. Make notes on the pages. Draw little pneumonics/phrases/etc. 4A. Type up a chapter review of what you read. You can do this while your read or after you finish reading the chapter 5. Read the professors online lecture notes and/or your classroom notes 6. Go back and break down those parts in the chapter that were boring, complex or overwhelming. Those details always end up on a exam. All this repetition reinforces your learning. And make sure to take breaks after 45 minutes of studying so that way you don't fry your brain! :)
  5. Roseman University offers an Accelerated Bachelor Science Nursing (ABSN) program with the didactic portion (lecture) online, but the rest is in a classroom. You can always take prereq's online though. Colorado Community Colleges offers online A&P courses, Chemistry, Microbiology, and more-- all online. Do as much as you can online but then tranfer into a ADN or BSN program and finish the last 2 years in a classroom. OR, you can finish a degree in Psychology, Nutrition or anything you want online and then use that completed degree to get into a ABSN (12 month program). Either way, at some point you will need to attend campus. Good luck!
  6. rockiesgurl

    Still a new grad... when will it end?

    Have you considered the military or the Public Health Service? Just an idea if you are open to relocating and a little adventure! Good luck and hang in there!
  7. rockiesgurl

    Roseman University ABSN (didactic online)

    I would like to hear from students of this program, do you recommend it? I can't imagine doing the didactic portion of a Nursing program online and then coming to campus/clinical sites for the rest of the program. Are students graduating from this program confident of their nursing skills and then going on to successfully pass the NCLEX? I talked to the admissions office at Roseman and they said that the program was regionally accredited. I also found out that this program is a COHORT, so I suppose the program is sort of experimental. I would love to hear from current or graduated students of this program. Thanks!

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