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  1. paisling

    Roseman University ABSN

    Only the lectures are online. All the labs and clinicals are in person.
  2. paisling

    Roseman University ABSN Spring 2018

    With those stats, you will be competitive I think. assuming that you apply early- it's rolling admissions so applying early is important. Roseman is honestly not that hard to get into. They look at your GPA for all courses ever taken.
  3. paisling

    Unsure of what route to take

    I don't believe this is true anymore, unless it is different at Henderson than it is at SJ. I didn't sign a waiver and was told that my transcript will have a GPA.
  4. You need to contact the nursing schools you are interested in and ask them. Every school has a different policy.
  5. paisling

    Statistics prerequisite

    I had Morales and Muhich. I don't remember whose class I was registered for, as they taught it together.
  6. paisling

    Roseman University (Henderson) ABSN February 2018

    We have a combined Henderson & South Jordan thread here: https://allnurses.com/online-nursing-schools/roseman-university-absn-1116383-page13.html
  7. paisling

    Roseman University ABSN Spring 2018

    There's one for Utah called: roseman absn feb 2018 - south jordan Not sure about Nevada.
  8. Yes, many people have. But every program is different, and you can get the best information from the school. You could also try the search to see if there have been previous discussions about that school on the board. People often talk about their applications in those threads. Why don't you ask the admissions advisor ask if they consider number of pre-reqs completed when making admissions decisions?
  9. paisling

    Roseman University ABSN Spring 2018

    I tried looking for the Henderson one to see if I could find it, and it didn't show up in facebook search. Maybe it's set to secret?
  10. paisling

    Need help with this situation!!

    talk to an academic advisor at your school. this is the kind of stuff they are there to help you with.
  11. Ok, then you need to apply for a private loan or come up with the cash. Your financial aid office can walk you through the process.
  12. What do you mean by "how"? What part of the process are you confused about? Please be sure to reach out to your schools financial aid office for help.
  13. paisling

    Roseman 2018

    Feb 2018 just wrapped up applications, some discussion here that might be helpful to you guys: https://allnurses.com/online-nursing-schools/roseman-university-absn-1116383.html
  14. Have you looked at this thread? People have mentioned getting acceptances https://allnurses.com/online-nursing-schools/rutgers-spring-2018-1112399-page7.html
  15. paisling

    Roseman University ABSN Spring 2018

    How did you guys interviews go? When are you supposed to hear back?