Is associates in nursing useless now?

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    Hi all. I've been accepted into the CSN Fall 2011 nursing program. From the rumors I've been hearing around, an associates degree is pretty much useless now. I do have a bachelors in Kinesiology from UNLV, that I was told a few years ago would give me a leg up in the job market....but now I don't think it matters. Should I drop this program before I start it??? I 'm so disappointed, I finally felt like I was "IN" the program and safe. Now I feel like I'm wasting time and should apply to Nevada State College for the BSN. What do you think?

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    I'm an ADN and have never felt the lack of a higher degree has hurt me in any way, except I did have to give up my part-time community college faculty position as a substitute clinical instructor years ago, when the BSN became the standard entry for all teaching positions. Other than that, I've done pretty well for myself with "just an associate's degree" and have been in positions of increasing responsibility for most of my career. Nowadays I'm the Director of Nursing for an 80-unit assisted-living community where we specialize in medically complex residents and even hospice care........yes, I'd say the ADN can take you pretty far, but it depends on where you want to go.
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    I wouldn't drop out. IMO if ADNs were useless then why still have the programs? The job market in Vegas isn't ideal for anybody right now, not just nurses!
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    Im stressed. At orientation they told us we will allneed to go on to your bsn after this. They also said that the nurses who already have jobs with an associates are safe. I just dont want to waste any time, im no spring chicken!
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    I understand, I'm in the same boat! I would have to wait at least another year to try for a BSN, if I got accepted. I'm just going to hope and pray for the best!
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    Hey guys! We won't graduate for at least two years! Who knows what the market will be like in that time!? RELAX!
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    You've been accepted so just continue. After graduation begin applying for jobs but start taking a classes for the bridge program for BSN. I would not change directions if you have already been accepted. Maybe start a thread for current new grads who got hired and ask how many have ADN? As for Vegas I hear its bad for even experienced nurses right now- everyone is cutting back, not hiring. I've accepted possibility of having to relocate.
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    From what I've heard, you can get a sweet deal by getting a job at a hospital with your ADN and then having the hospital pay for your RN-BSN program! I'm not sure if this still happens, but I hope so as I am starting my 2nd semester of the CSN program this fall.
    Also, I'm surprised that all of the people on the CSN waiting list aren't strongly suggesting you drop out in hopes that they get your spot
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    "I'm surprised that all of the people on the CSN waiting list aren't strongly suggesting you drop out in hopes that they get your spot"

    That is what I was thinking :-) LOL
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    I graduated from CSN this past May. took the NCLEX-RN in July, and got a job in June. The hospitals seem to like CSN grads better than other schools. Thats just my experience.
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