IM new!?!?!

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    Hi im new and i live in omaha nebraska. I need help finding out where to go to get my cna in this state?

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    Well, I'm not anywhere near you, but I would start by finding out, online, what schools are in your area. Search for community colleges, or technical schools, most of them offer a CNA course. Most of the schools will have a webpage, and you can search through their curriculum to see what they offer. Good luck!

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    I would also start calling your local hospitals, or looking for their websites. Some hospitals offer the classes, or other classes similar to CNA, and will train you if you get hired on. Good luck.
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    In my area, some of the nursing homes offer classes.
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    I live in Lincoln NE and i that Southeast community college here offers it but you would have to drive. There are several community colleges in Omaha and one of those should offer it. Good Luck
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    Check with Metro in Omaha. I think that Clarkson college used to. I would just check around at the colleges. Good are not far from CATTLE COUNTRY!!!
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    I'm finishing up a CNA class at Clarkson College in Omaha. The course was $375. Since I needed to maintain a full time job while attending, I took the evening class which is M/T/Th from 5:30 to 9:30. I have a week of clinicals left and then my state written and competency exam. I will have this completed on June 22. Good course and good instructors. They offer daytime courses as well.
    Metro Tech and Methodist College also offer CNA courses. There are a few private ones as well. If you pick up a Sunday Omaha World Herald, the front of the Jobs Want Ads, their is a section that advertises instruction that usually has two places in Omaha that also offer CNA/Home Health Aide classes, but you may want to verify if they are a state approved course. Metro Tech Web site is: WWW.MCCNEB.EDU
    Hope this helps.

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    Hi, I'm new here, too. I just got registered for a nursing assistant class at Southeast Comm. College. I start on July 17 and I am VERY excited and nervous. I feel like I am one step closer to becoming a nurse.
    I live about 35 min. from Lincoln and 15 from W Omaha.
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    I'm also new. If anyone has any info about CNA programs, please write to me. I'm very interested in learning as much as I can, and is there any classes in Omaha, NE where they pay you to go to a CNA program? I read something like that online, but didn't find anything for Omaha, NE

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