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Hi im new and i live in omaha nebraska. I need help finding out where to go to get my cna in this state?... Read More

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    Quote from LSS3121
    I'm also new. If anyone has any info about CNA programs, please write to me. I'm very interested in learning as much as I can, and is there any classes in Omaha, NE where they pay you to go to a CNA program? I read something like that online, but didn't find anything for Omaha, NE

    I don't know of any specific courses off hand, but some nursing homes offer CNA programs in exchange for a work commitment. You might want to check the yellow pages or the want ads of the Sunday Herald and try calling some facilities to inquire as to whether they offer this type of program. Good luck!

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    Hi, does anyone go to Omaha methodist college? i am trying to get into their accelerated bachelors program??? anyone know how hard it is to get in? any advice? do i have a batter chance being out of state? thanks

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