In your opinion, how difficult are NCLEX SATA questions? - page 4

I'll be taking my boards in under two weeks. I'm comfortable with all question formats except the flippin' SATAs. I'm starting to tear myself up over these because I just flat out suck at answering them. Currently I've been... Read More

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    Yes, its all about content....gotta know material of subject to answer the right choice / rational. Reading basic content helps....takes a while

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    just took the nclex. 75 Q. it felt like almost half were SATA :\ just keep studying
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    I took mine 6/27, and at least half out of 75 were SATA, and another 25% were alternate format questions. The key, like others have said, is to look at them as a series of true/false statements rather than a grouping. Makes them a lot easier to tackle!

    And from everything I've read, if you are getting a ton of SATA, you are well above the passing level. Good luck!
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    I just recently passed at 75 questions and I had quite a few SATA that I am not very good at. I checked in my books on some of them after I got done and know I got some wrong by either just missing one or picking one too many. You CAN still pass the NCLEX with failing those. I did not do much studying at all because for one I am a procrastinator and hate studying and two a friend who had already taken it said not to study too hard. Most of it is not about being able to spew out facts. If you do any studying I would suggest sticking mainly to books which show you how to break down the questions and answer them. Another friend who passed said there really is not much you can do to prepare for this beast of an exam. I have never taken a test like it. Good luck!
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    I agree manzi_fly. I took the test on June 26th and found out I passed at 75 ?s. I didn't do much studying because honestly the test is not so much about spewing out facts but more about critical thinking. You have already built up a knowledge base in school and there is no way to cover all the content there could possibly be on the NCLEX. If anything study how to break down questions and if there is an organ system or specialized area such as peds or OB that you are terrible at perhaps just go over that. After taking that test feeling like I guessed on all of them I don't know if there is way to prepare for it except drawing upon what you have already learned. I am glad I never have to take that test again!
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    BTW I got quite a few SATA, cardiac, one OB and several on pediatrics.

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