Yes...I conquered Nclex

  1. Hi allnurses,

    I'm so happy right now words can not explain the joy I feel. I kept it a secret about when I was going to take the NCLEX because I didn't want all the pressure of counting on passing incase things didn't go as planned. Anyway, before I go into details about the good news I need to share my story prior to all this because this could help someone out that in the same situation I'm in or just need encouragement to keep pressing on! Before I started nursing school I had gone through a lot my kids father pasted away and I was pregnant with my second child. I was puzzled about what I was going to do next a single mother; hello can things get any harder. Least did I know that was only the beginning of something great.

    Nursing school was a struggle within itself and the stress I had was unbelieveable. I dealt with a teacher who thought I wasnt going to make it out of her class but I did! God was with me every step of the way giving me strength to keep pushing. Looking at my babies and knowing I want so much for them (stablity). Then naive girls who felt coming to class was more about bullying people then gaining education to better their lives (ugh people like that I can't stand). I cried so much feeling like I wasn't gone to make it totally frustrated. I overcame them suckers lol passed my exit with a high score, man god is amazing I'm telling you. I prayed alot and learned to become closer to him and letting him fight my battles brings PEACE!

    Now that awesome day Jan. 21st, 2014 I prayed like crazy and studied my butt off to prepare for this day. I went in confident and surprisingly not scared yea I know that sounds crazy but I figured I like the feeling of peace than anxiety. Which that was one of my big problems lol. The computer shut off at 127, when it went pass 85 I figured hey I just still have a few more questions to answer I can do this. I actually stopped in the middle of the exam and said, "Kiara Lpn January 21st, 2014". Took a breath and finished, I had a good test actually I had like 5-6 SATA and drag in order, 3 PICTURE Qs, and the rest was really precautions. I tried to hold out on the pearson vue trick but I couldn't help myself I tried it after the 1st hour and got the GOOD-POP UP. HOORAY I'm so happy OMG I'm officially a nurse, feels so good to say it and to top it off I got the definite yes on MQA stating pass . For everybody else in the waiting stage do not be afraid you can do this! Claim it/believe it rooting for everyone's success. GOOD LUCK!!!!

    Also thank you to this forum for all the information I came across from past and recent test takers. You all helped me so much especially with conquering my fear. Finding this discussion board brought light to my NCLEX blindness helping me sort out the unknown and for that I'm forever thankful.
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  3. by   SWM2009
    Congratulations nurse
  4. by   isharRN
  5. by   Nickiey
    congrats boo
  6. by   juswannabenurse
  7. by   NURSEKI
    thanks everybody lol I'm still speechless
  8. by   Hadassah16
    Congrats NURSEKI, I am so proud of you. Be the best Nurse you can be. Now go and celebrate. Lol
  9. by   NURSEKI
    Thank you so much Hadassah16. Better believe I am lol all my family and friends thought something was wrong with me cause I'm on cloud 9. Until I released the big news CELEBRATING AS WE SPEAK!
  10. by   tiffanyc123
    Nurseki, i also took nclex today and got the good pop up.. still wont let myself believe it yet in case its an error

    "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time."

    ugh.. what state did u test in?
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    Congrats you really deserve so inspiring!!!!!
  13. by   The ER Biker
    Inspiring. I have a dire situation as well. Kids to take care of, job that depends on my NCLEX (dream job), and bills I must pay. January 28th will be my lucky day. I must pass. Congratulations, well deserved. Love your attitude.
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