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    just want to let u guys know i passed.... i know i have been stalking this site nonstop for the last 48hrs, but i just found out today via quick results that i passed. thank you so much for all the support and for this site for keeping me sane for the last cpl of days.

    Best of Luck to everyone taking NCLEX!

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    i'm happy for you......we did it yayyyyyyyy.........congrats and thanks for all you supportive words during my time of craziness
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    I too found out today that I passed the NCLEX-RN. I am in disbelief because I truly thought I had failed. There was so many SATA questions on my test I didn't think I could pass. I have heard that the HESI exit exam is harder than NCLEX but I don't believe that. The passing standards are just different. Good luck to all test takers and congrats to all who even get the oppurtunity to test. We made it through school so we can definitely pass this test.
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    thanks a million to everyone for all the prayers and support!!! n to all the other nclex takers~ g'luck! n knock those questions down....
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    CONGRATULATIONS iheartnurses.... you must be SOOOOOO excited! I'm very excited for you. Congrats on the beginning to your new profession! I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
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