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  1. Well I got a job offer last night with the second facility I interviewed with. It would be working in the Maternity unit. I officially accepted the offer and start in a week and a half. I am so excited but am also getting nervous now. They do a six week preceptor training. That seems about what all the hospitals were offering with the exception of one. That one was twelve weeks but was also at the first hospital which was the horrible interview. I am worried though that I will not know anything or feel comftorable on my own after that period. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? Also thanks for all your help and support. I believe it was also why I felt more confident during the second interview.
  2. Well third interview was ok although the nurse manager didn't really ask me more then two questions so I don't think she was really interested. However, she wasn't rude and gave me her business card to call with any additional questions and then showed me around the unit. Which is what happened with the second interview although the three ladies I interviewed with for that position asked me several questions and we talked a bit more. However, now on top of having trouble with people accepting Excelsior I have a new problem. The HR department from the second interview called asking for a clinical instructor reference. I tried to explain Excelsior to her but she told me that they have to have one. I don't know who I could use. It has been quite a while since I worked in the medical field as a CNA or anything else since insurance needs took me elsewhere. Any suggestions? I don't get it. I am officially a registered nurse and have proven myself to be motivated, dependent, sufficient, and goal-oriented. I wanted to be a nurse and found a way to meet that goal. I am willing to learn and spend more time and effort into obtaining clinical skills but nobody seems willing to give me a chance.
  3. Amber07

    After assuming the worst, I passed!!!

    :ancong!: Hooray...glad to hear that you passed!!!!
  4. Amber07

    I Think I Failed

    :yeah:Congratulations!! :yeah:
  5. Amber07

    June 2008 NCLEX support group

    Good luck to those still waiting on results. You can really play tricks with your mind and totally freak yourself out. Try to keep yourselfs busy doing something fun or something you have really wanted to do but have been too busy studying for. Good luck....you will all be in my thoughts. :heartbeat
  6. Thanks for all your tips and advice. It really is nice to be able to hear from other people in the same type of situation. The second interview I had on Thursday was much better. I actually interviewed with three people and they were familiar with Excelsior. They also seemed to understand how much dedication and determination it takes to get through the program. So we will see how it goes. I have a third interview today at another hospital. Hopefully I'll get an offer soon. I figure worst case scenario I can possibly start at a LTC facility since I have more background in that area as a CNA and then try a hospital down the line.
  7. No it was Excelsior. She asked if I went to New York to learn and what I did for clinicals. Then she matter of fact stated that a lot of local colleges use them for clinical rounds and she was concerned with my lack of rotations. When I was starting to explain about the clinical test she got the call and after she got off the phone she moved on and never brought it up again.
  8. There are some hospitals in my area that offer a residency program to new grads to help them transition into working. However, I missed the two that were open for June as I was studying so hard for the NCLEX. There are a couple more that will start in September that I could try for but I was hoping to be working by then. Two months of missed RN wages would be very helpful right now. While I was going through school I tried to get several extern positions but all the hospitals told me that they weren't contracted to work with Excelsior for these positions so I was unable to. I guess I just need to keep my chin up and be proud of my accomplishments and hope I find someone that isn't so close minded and prejudiced about Excelsior.
  9. I just passed the NCLEX last week and started applying for jobs. I had my first interview today and have two more scheduled for tomorrow and Monday. However, the lady was not at all nice or encouraging and I think once she found out I graduated from Excelsior she no longer seemed interested. Here's my story for background. I actually was grandfathered into Excelsior's program as an EMT-B and CNA way back before they changed the requirements. I took my time and tinkered away at general requirements until about a year and a half ago when I really pushed myself and got through all the NC and CPNE last December. This is my dream and the only way I could achieve it. Being the sole insurance carrier for my family I had to remain working full time through school. I am so glad this oppurtunity was availabe. However the only clinical experience I have is working as a CNA a few years back before having to change jobs for insurance reasons. While going through Excelsior I called all the local hospitals to see if they would work with me on clinicals and not one of them would. So I was unable to find a way to get clinical experience which is now a problem. The interviewer today expressed concerns that I didn't have clinical experience but at the end of the conversation told me that I have such a positive attitude that I will end up being successful. However, she also answered a phone call from her manager during the interview and spent 5-10 minutes talking with her. Can you say ackward?? The interview tomorrow is the position and hospital that I really want to work up but am now feeling discouraged. Has anyone experienced this sort of prejudice or have any advice? I have worked my tail feathers off to get my RN license.
  10. Amber07

    My new nurse tattoo!

    I love it!! I actually have that picture as the screen saver on my phone. It looks awesome! Your husband did well!
  11. Amber07

    June 2008 NCLEX support group

    I was waiting for this post. I knew you could do it!! Congratulations on your success!!! :dancgrp::hpygrp:
  12. Amber07

    June 2008 NCLEX support group

    :yeah:Congratulations!!! :yeah:
  13. Well I just recently passed the NCLEX and started sending out applications yesterday. I now have two job interviews set up for the next two days. The one on Thursday is for Maternity which is the position I really want. However, I really don't have much clinical experience and after reading about some of the questions asked I am getting really nervous. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? What kind of questions can I expect to be asked?
  14. Amber07

    I know this is a common issue

    Just try to have confidence in yourself. I believe that really does have an impact on your testing. Also don't let the fact that your classmates were unsuccessful worry you. Everybody's tests are so different and that mixed with test anxiety, strengths and weaknesses in areas, and testing ability make it such a different experience for everyone. I would just focus on getting more questions right then wrong and read through every single rationale. Try to remember that you can do this. I did not pass my first time at 265 questions and regrouped and passed last week at 75 questions. I am also in Utah. The tests were totally different each time and Kaplan made the difference the second time around. Good luck to you. :heartbeat
  15. Amber07

    June 2008 NCLEX support group

    You will do fine. Just go in their confident in yourself. You have worked so hard for this. I will be thinking and praying for you!!! Try to get a good night's sleep and give yourself some time off today so you go in fresh tomorrow. Good luck!!:heartbeat
  16. Amber07

    nclex fashion :)

    Each testing center might be a little bit different on following these guidelines. However, when I went to test I wore comfy jeans and a black short sleeve tee shirt that is super comfy. I then took a white hoodie that zips up the front. I did not wear it but took it in with me. They checked the pockets and asked if I was going to wear it. I said yes but never put it on. When they took me into the room and were starting my computer I put the hoodie over the back of my seat and they did not say anything. It did not get cold and I never put it on so it stayed on the back of my chair the entire time. If your proctor says anything to you just tell them that you have a tendecy to get cold and don't want to worry about it when you test. Other then that you can't wear a watch or have anything in your pockets. You can only take in your locker key, driver's license and wiper board with black marker that they give you. Best of luck on your test!!