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Hi all. I just found this place and I can't stop reading the posts. I graduated as an RN 25 years ago in Canada, worked in England for a year, then came to the US 12 years ago. I work in a state that accepted my Canadian... Read More

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    Best wishes to you as you journey the Nclex path after all that time. You're halfway there because your content is probably mastered with all your experience.

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    I'm in NC right now, when I first came to the US there was 18 states that accepted a Canadian license. Now there is none, I believe, but most states have grandfathered the Canadian nurses already here, although some (New Hampshire, Vermont) are making them write the NCLEX after many years of being here. It's what I've heard, but not sure on that. So it's just a matter of time, I think., and I'd have to write even if I stayed in NC. I have an email from NC BON stating that my license will remain intact, even if I fail.

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