Why is this not in ANY of my books?

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    I am in maternity nursing right now. Question on my practice NCLEX test is nursing intervention for a fundus that is firm, 2+ and deviated to the LEFT!
    i know what it is if it were deviated to the right.....assist her to the bathroom.
    what is this one??? NONE of my books (all 3) dont say anything about it being to the left. They say midline is normal, right is distended bladder.
    what about left?

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    In my LPN maternity nursing, I learned a deviation to the right OR left indicated a distended bladder...but I've never come across the NCLEX question to confirm the left deviation.
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    i was likely googling wrong, but couldn't find anything re deviation to left.
    could it be breech presentation?

    maybe if you posted this in the ob/gyn forum??

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    This is a postpartum fundus? There shouldn't be a breech presentation because she's already delivered the baby. I would think it's a distended bladder too. Since it's firm and not boggy, she shouldn't have a blood clot.
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    Don't know how true this is, when I was working post-partum, had a very experienced nurse tell me that to the left was blood clots. Only had this happen on one pt of mine, and she did indeed have several large blood clots after some vigorous fundal massages. The fundus did return midline afterwards.
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    yes, this was a postpartum fundus i was referring to.

    the answer ended up being bladder distention. Even in class, my instructor only stated what a deviation to the right meant....never said that could as well be a left?
    ...just incase anyone comes across that questio in an NCLEX practice..
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    Desirable post-partum status for us was FF, down 2. This, of course, was in the dark ages, LOL.

    Is 2+ the same as down 2?
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    Just came across a deviated to the LEFT question on my ATI practice test. I ASSUMED that it couldn't be bladder because, I too only learned reference to deviated to the right. The answer given was: bladder distention. I am now assuming that a deviation in EITHER direction is bladder. Hope this helps others!
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    A distended bladder can cause deviation to either side.
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    Quote from bigbub3000
    Desirable post-partum status for us was FF, down 2. This, of course, was in the dark ages, LOL.

    Is 2+ the same as down 2?
    No, 2+ means 2 above the umbilicus. And where it is in relation to the umbilicus is going to be different for every woman. Some women might be 1 above immediately postpartum, and some women might be 2 below. Generally, most women are right about at the U right after delivery As long as it's continuing to go down, not up, over time, it's generally fine.

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