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  1. bigbub3000

    How RN supervisor handled domestic dispute at work?

    She's lucky she didn't get shot. She should have called the police and she should have probably reported suspected child abuse.
  2. bigbub3000

    Pregnant and miserable working

    Why is she making you wait another week?
  3. bigbub3000

    Pregnant and miserable working

    I agree that your doctor is a jerk. As others have said, try working shorter shifts, try staying on the 12's but only do 1 at a time, try what the HR person recommended above. I guess if you get hurt at work, your doctor will then see the error of her ways? BTW, you are supposed to get rest breaks after q 4 hours of work, I believe. This depends on your state. Find out what the law says. Even if it doesn't say that, though, you need more breaks. This is a special time for you and you need a small concession to get through it. It is really cruel to work pregnant women like that. Vicious and evil. But you need to speak up. They're not mindreaders and don't know you're suffering if you don't speak up. Or just take the darned breaks. Do what you need to do. Use good judgment and common sense. Oh, I see my advice came late. Hey, good luck.
  4. bigbub3000

    Seeking Your Opinions, Please - Coworker Stuff

    You are psychic! This actually did happen. She was involved in some personal situation and missed a lot of work. I guess the Manager must have kept up the supplies because we had enough. Come to think of it, though, the patient whose supplies I'm referring to did have some problems and wound up going to ER a time or 2 during her absence.
  5. bigbub3000

    Nurse Offers Care in Disaster; Airport Rum for Antiseptic

    Yeah, here she would be sued, glued, and tattooed. Practicing Medicine without a license, violating Pharmacy law, on and on. Why is she so stupid as to make public what she did? Why not just do it quietly and shut up and fade into the background? I guess she figures it was ok since it wasn't here in America. But I'll bet anything that she's going to regret helping once her state BON gets wind of her actions. Maddening that it's like this, but that's the reality. I hope the person she helped is ok.
  6. I work in long-term care and have a stable client who has a condition that requires somewhat special care. Nothing exotic, just it requires that we be familiar with his equipment and the procedures to keep it running. We also must keep his supplies stocked. Should be no big deal. However, no one said word 1 to me in Orientation about his special needs or where we obtain his supplies. I thought it was from the company whose name is emblazened on the equipment. Well, silly me. I've been there nearly 5 years and found out only last week that he actually owns the equipment, is not renting it and that the company name on the equipment does not mean we are to call them for questions, supplies, whatever. This sort of thing has happened repeatedly with this patient and with others. Important information not being shared with all of us, only 1 nurse knowing about it and handling it. Then that nurse gets mad at the rest of us if we use the supplies. I see this happen with broken equipment, too. It is left in its usual spot and one would think it's ok to use it. There's no note on it stating it's out of service and that a part has been ordered and it's expected to be back in service in a week, or whatever. Just there it is. you go to use it and boom, discover it's broken. So you check with the boss and learn that you have wasted not only your time but your caring about providing good care. She actually chides you for worrying about it, saying Nurse Susie Q handles that. Well, gee, could you maybe have told me that 5 years ago? Is it sloppiness to not inform all of us? Is it wrong for me to care? Is it asking too much to leave a broken item somewhere out of service, clearly marked as such, and say when it will be fixed and what to use in the interim? Am I an anachronism? OCD? getting old? constipated? low on wine or chocolate? Is someone too possessive? She calls the patients "my guys". Another nurse thinks she keeps info to herself intentionally, possessively, and says she must feel threatened when anyone else tries to take care of stuff. Well, there you are. What do you think? Oh, and thanks.
  7. bigbub3000

    Is It Possible An LPN Can Make More Then An RN?

    Wait til you've been doing it for 30 and only get $25 per hour. Seriously.
  8. bigbub3000

    Is nursing a sick , petty , vindictive world?

    It can be. I've met a lot of "interesting" folks over the years, staff, bosses, patients, other coworkers. I think a lot depends on your nature. Are you sensitive and easily influenced? Easily hurt, shy? Or can you let stuff roll off without even noticing it? I have definitely lowered my expectations of the human race as it impinges me at work. :argue: :monkeydance: :clpty::beer: :kiss Hey, just do the best you can.
  9. Time was when, if you had a clean uniform in the car, you could hire on and work today! No pee test, no nothing. There were no nurse addicts or other loonies (that we knew of) and it was such a totally different world. No HMO's, DRG's, or other than 80/20 Blue Cross. Soooo much simpler. Not really, but it seemed like it. There were other problems. Oh, well. Given the state of the world today, I'm afraid we ain't seen nothin' yet when it comes to Big Brother. He's off the growth charts and Armageddon hasn't happened yet.
  10. Easy preachin', hard livin'. About relocating and turning down this job, I mean. And you know what assuming means, right?
  11. You don't even list meds at the test time. If something shows up in the urine, you can tell them then that you have a valid prescription for that med and they will confirm it with the pharmacy. Just as a general rule of thumb, never provide your health records or information to your employer if you can avoid doing so. All they really have a right or need to know is that you are fit to do the work. They do not need your life history, medical or otherwise. It's too late now, perhaps, but for future reference. Good luck.
  12. bigbub3000

    OK, Cultural question here, please forgive the stupidity.

    A male aide I know refuses to give physical care to other men because he says it violates Islam. Anyone know about this? An Imam I spoke to locally told me that it is an honorable thing for male or female to care for the sick. It is preferable for the same sex to do it, but not wrong for the opposite gender to do it.
  13. bigbub3000

    Rower who lost legs to disease sues hospitals, doctors

    I think a lot of expert witnesses are imported because locals don't want to get a reputation for ratting out their local colleagues. The locals might fear a loss of referrals, loss of privileges, loss of friends, scorn from fellow locals at work, at church, at their kids' schools and teams, in their neighborhood, at the country club, and so on. Not wanting to report a fellow local doesn't mean the fellow doesn't need to be reported or is blameless.
  14. bigbub3000

    Rower who lost legs to disease sues hospitals, doctors

    Suing can be very therapeutic. Especially if one wins. It just seems like some people think that, since he is alive, he should not care that he is legless. That is amazing to me, since losing one's legs is a huge, huge adjustment for someone who was, just a few days ago, running about, walking, climbing, being self-reliant, and even rowing. Maybe those who think that he should just be thrilled to be alive, no matter what shape he's in, have never had to make a major adjustment in life. Sure, most people seem to think that being alive beats the alternative, but I hope that most of us can at least comprehend and empathize with this young man who has no legs any more. :redbeathe If you don't agree with this, can you help me understand why?
  15. bigbub3000

    Help with case study questions

    I always recommend the library. These days, the internet has gobs of info on it, so the libe isn't quite the place to be, maybe. I guess you could talk with other students, other women who've given birth, etc. No experience in this area but good luck. Again, I vote for the library. Yes, I know you said you already have what you need for this time, but for the future, there should be lots of material at the library.
  16. bigbub3000

    OCD at work

    A certain degree of compulsiveness and ritualism (routine) is necessary to survive. But if you feel that you are excessive, please get help from qualified professionals. Wishing you every success.