Which NCLEX-RN review online provides better CONTENT review? HURST, NCSBN, KAPLAN

  1. I am lost right now and would really need a good advice. I graduated from nursing school 10 months ago. I had so much stuff going on in my life that i didnt have the motivation and concentration to take rn nclex test right after graduation. I am thinking of doing a review but I think I need a comprehensive CONTENT review because i think i lost everything i learned. I am an auditory learner. I dont do good when am reading because the minute i open my book i would fall asleep. What do you think of the Hurst Review in terms of CONTENT? Anyone? I've read that Kaplan is good for strategies and critical thinking but for me i think i need content review.....Right now am looking on HURST online review, NCSBN, and Kaplan.....Your advice will greatly be appreciate...thank you so much in advance for your responses.
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  3. by   Me2006
    Kaplan does not provide content review, more focus is on critical thinking skills and the decision tree teaching students how to answer/ eliminate answer choices. They do, however, provide content lecture videos online, pre-recorded.
    I, personally, used Saunders for my content which is amazing. Everything on NCLEX comes right from it
    And I used Kaplan too because their questions are all advanced level/ application and analysis which was excellent practice because NCLEX was alot easier than KAPLAN.

    Good Luck!
  4. by   Sun0408
    I did Hurst live review and enjoyed. Believe it or not, I heard Marlene's(sp) voice in my head during the test. She made the review fun and memorable. During the live review, they play DVD's of her teaching content as well as strategies. You will get all the video content with the online version.

    I got Kaplan's strategies book just for extra help with questions I was not clear what the question was asking..that helped also.
  5. by   cupcake27x
    I'm so glad I found this thread, because I too have the same question. I just failed my NCLEX for the 3rd time It is becoming so frustrating. I took Kaplan after the first time and still failed these last two times. I feel like my test taking skills are pretty good, but than I get in the NCLEX and get completley thrown off by simple questions since I spent so much time doing the critical thinking on Kaplan questions. I can retake at the end of April and I am determined to pass this time. Please does anyone have any advice? I am going to keep using my Qbank on Kaplan, but I need something else since obviously it alone is not working. Does anyone recommend Saunders? Please let me know what you think as I have only 6 more weeks and I need to study as much as possible. Thanks
  6. by   futurern34
    You are the opposite of me, I fall asleep watching videos. Right now I am reading Saunders and I like it. I was able to watch most of Marlene Hurst videos and enjoyed her. Good luck to you!!
  7. by   maia718
    I love MAry Ann HOgan comprehensive book for content, Kaplan classroom anywhere for testing strategies, saunders CD for some add'l info.. Finished reading the whole book and u'll learn a lot plus she put and a red Mark NCLEX on the side which is commonly asked in some practice exams.. In my view I think it's not just simple answering a lot of questions but you must NEED to build your foundation first through your content.. Before, during my practice exams I was so frustrated with my score it's always like 40's to 50's but I really striving hard to study content (Mary Ann HOgan book) for 1 month and I now I'm somehow happy in the results Q1: 65, Q2: 59, Q3: 61 though it's not yet 75 and up because that is really the Goal ryt? I wish and pray that as days pass by i'll sooner reach my GOAL... Planning to enroll at NCSBN 3 weeks before my exam (Dnt have date yet because Im still waiting for my eligibility letter) Good luck to all of us..
  8. by   NewGoalRN
    Hurst content is the best. You get the videos and as you are watching, you fill in the book so it's like double enforcment. You also have the choice of listening to the audio as opposed to the videos.

    You have access to it for 2 wks and 5th day material for months.

    Kaplan is more focused on strategy and qbanks. They have content videos but they are boring, boring boring.

    Hurst is the way to go for content and they make it fun.
  9. by   vherzickles
    HURST all the way. Aunt Marlene will never let you down on nclex. She was even talking in my head lecturing out while i'm taking the actual test. It's great.
  10. by   NewGoalRN
    Hurst is great for content. HOwever, if you have say 5-6wks or more to study, Kaplan is execellent. I'm using both. I used Hurst for content and nothing beats Kaplan's test bank and q trainers. They also have content videos but they are super boring and you have to be really motivated to watch them.
  11. by   jegede
    Hellp I need help, I am devasteted. I failed the NCLEC the first time I took it. I graduated MAY 2012. i HAS BEEN SO DESPAIR. Right now I have Judith Miller DVDs, Feuer CDs, Kapl, LaCHARITY,Sauaders 5th ed, NCLEX 400, Mary Hogan NCLEX RN Review. I am so anxious and nervous that I can not even consentrate to study.please which of theses Reviews items do you think is the best for me.I need quik help ASAP before I crash. Thanks
  12. by   jazzymama76
    I geuss i'm like many of you on here I took my nclex for the first time and failed. I had the ATI virtual reveiw (which sucks by the way) and I have been using sauders nclex rn comprehensive reveiw( which I like). My question is this has anyone used sauders and hurst together and did you feel that was helpful. As for kaplin i saw someone say it was 399.00, I cant afford that, so is there a certain kaplin book with cd I can get that would work just as well. I think I will cantinue to use my sauders for reveiw content but I also think I need something fresh
  13. by   patty554
    I finish school in May, I am so torn on what to do for a review, my classmates are going with ATI for the price, my school uses ati and I don't like it now so I decided not to do it. I am torn between Kaplan and Hurst I attended both of there seminars and really liked Hurst I though Kaplan was kinda boring, I need something to keep my attention. I am scared and excited all at once, when I attended Kaplans seminar I felt so stupid with the practice exam, it made me feel like I did not know anything and I am doubting my skills
  14. by   snlatina
    I'm so nervous about taking the nclex! I have heard that Kaplan is 1 of the best. But it is too pricey. I finish in December which seems like a long way to go but time is going really quickly. Maybe you would let us know which book is better.