What did you do the day before your test date? What did you do the day before your test date? | allnurses

What did you do the day before your test date?

  1. 1 Hey All! Just wondering what some of you did the day before your test date. Personally, I plan to go to six flags, and wear myself out on roller coaster rides After all this studying I'm excited to go out and do something fun!! My anxiety has been terrible this past week, and I think going out and loosening up a bit will help.
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    I went blueberry picking with my friends and then for hike that at the top of the "mountian" finished with swimming in lake! I planned to study but my friends said "NO" and drag me with them. I am so thankful for this! I think I would have mental breakdown if I would stay home
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    I played COD and watched HULU
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    I just revised some lab values in the morning...and the remaining day I played with my sisters son....
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    I plan to review labs/testing strategies and have everything prepped for the big day the morning before I leave for six flags :-)
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    I was so burned out from moving, unpacking, cleaning, working, and trying to study the previous four weeks that I slept about 18 hours the day prior
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    I reviewed some notes etc, but honestly none of it even came up on my test. I wish I hadn't bothered!! I think six flags sounds like a great plan
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    I took mine on a Monday. The day before included church, going to the funeral home (a family member of a friend passed away), dropping my kiddos off with family, and then driving to the city of my testing site. It was about an hour and 20 min away and I didn't want to drive the next morning. I also chose a hotel less than a block away so I could walk, which was perfect. My husband and I checked in to the hotel, walked to the testing site, went to get dinner, and relaxed in the hotel room the rest of the night. I was able to get up the next morning and be at the testing site at 7:25 a.m. without having to drive a ton or stress about it.
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    I took mine on Wednesday! I worked from 9am-5pm on Tuesday, had dinner with my boyfriend, and then went home. I had planned on just relaxing, but I couldn't! I started to review and look over medications; lucky for me, some of the things that I reviewed were on my exam! I went to bed around 11pm, but I was awake until about 3am. Since I had to get into the city to take my exam at 8:00am, I honestly slept no more than 2 hours. It was all worth it, though, and I got to crash once I got back home.
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    I maybe the only outlier on this, but I still studied for the whole day before lol. That's just me and how I do exams though.
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    I went for a nice long run in the a.m. then followed it up with Scotch, a good cigar, and doing absolutely nothing productive (didn't even look at a NCLEX prep book). Though correlation =/= causation, I passed in 75 questions so it "must" have worked...
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    I tool my NCLEX PN AND RN (July 12 and July 16) PASSED THEM BOTH, I stopped 85 on PN and 80 ON RN, what I can suggest: Develop your critical thinking with hard Q & A's. I used the newest edition of Lippincott's Q&A, to tell you the TRUTH, they were even harder than the REAL NCLEX question, i was just doing 60-70% of the Question's results i felt terrible and stupid read all rationales and it was worth it! questions on nclex are SIMPLE AND CONCISE. I myself was even thinking I was never on high level questions till i realized I've had more than 5 SATAs and 4 Drag and drop for both exams.

    What i did the day before? went shopping got myself VERY BUSY i even went home midnight literally to kill myself in bed right after shower. it helped because i was able to rest!

    PS: I am a foreign grad, I challenged the LVN exam in CA, and RN on WA state. btw can anyone tell me how long is the wait LVN license?
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    did my hour and a half of studying in the morning as I had done for the previous 2 weeks, and I don't remember at this point since the kids were still in school (took it June 1).