Took the Nclex this morning...

  1. 2 hours, 75 questions and I GOT THE GOOD POP UP! I cannot beleive it! I am so happy this whole ordeal is over, I just want to sleep for a week! I got no math, a ton of SATA & priority and meds.

    Good luck to those taking it soon!
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    Congrats!! I am so happy for you!!! What did you use to study?
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    So it told you that you passed this morning?
  9. by   Nurse Connie
    The pop-up said my exam could not be re-scheduled at this time.

    I took the Kaplan course on site & used their book and watched all of the online lectures. I did all 7 question trainers and went back and reviewed in my weak areas and then did every question in the Q bank, the 3 sample Nclex exams & alternate style quiz. I also did all the SATA questions on the Saunders CD, and reviewed the AN study guide. I have to say I think Kaplan was worth every penny, the questions are just like the Nclex.
  10. by   RnfromUK
    CONGRATULATIONS! You did the exact same study plan i am now doing! I am excited now as it seems that I might pass! Congratulations again and again!
  11. by   Nurse Connie
    Good luck!!
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