Took the NCLEX today...and balled my eyes out.

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    i took my exam today. I honestly feel like i failed. the computer shut off at 75 questions and i could tell you of only 4 questions that i knew for sure. I had atleast 10-15 SATA. I made stupid mistake and got easy questions wrong!! they were asking questions about meds and diseases i have never heard of! i went to pearsonvue and did the trick. It says Delivery successful and when i try to re-register it won't let me and says something about me having already been scheduled for an exam and contack the board or something like that, no test is able to be rescheduled today...But i am POSITIVE there is no way i passed. all the answers that i can remember i looked up and got them wrong and SATA is my weak area and it seemed like that was the bulk of my test! i need some guidance as to what to do next...whats the website for the BON that i can see if i have a license number next to my name?! i can't seem to find that. and honestly i wouldn't be suprised if it isn't there this time around. what do you guys think?! pass or fail?

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    I don't know. But from reading this board, it sounds like you passed. I completely understand why you would feel uncertain. I would definitely feel the same way, at least until I had definitive proof. Good luck and congrats because you made it this far and because it sounds like you passed.
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    Hey hun! I'm horrible at SATA, but I took my boards today, got 21 SATA, and I got that popup, too. Getting SATA means that you are getting higher level questions. That pop up, my friend, means you passed! There is multiple forums dedicated to the PVT (pearson vue trick). Everyone who gets the popup has passed. Stop stressing, and celebrate =)
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    I felt EXACTLY the same way when I took mine and I passed (2 days ago).

    If you got that pop-up, you passed!

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    hey i feel the same way got 85 questions for the PN couldnt believe it i felt like i wanted more questions to prove myself cuz i felt i was getting everything wrong! but im getting the GOOD POP UP...goodluck to you they shouldnt put us through this we should get automatic results loll...
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    When I was in school, I had more than one professor say that most everyone they knew who passed the NCLEX felt like they must have failed when they finished it (and everyone who said it was easy had actually failed). Which makes sense - if you were doing well, you were being given harder and harder questions. I know I walked out of mine wanting to cry when it shut off. I got the good pop-up too, and yep, I had passed.

    Looks like you passed. Congrats!
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    looks like you passed..congratulations.
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    Ughh i hope soo, i have a job waiting for me and i have to move about 2 hours away. If i failed that puts all my plans and basically my life on hold!! :/ UGHHHHH I NEED TO PASS!!
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    Quote from Meg11M21
    Ughh i hope soo, i have a job waiting for me and i have to move about 2 hours away. If i failed that puts all my plans and basically my life on hold!! :/ UGHHHHH I NEED TO PASS!!
    you probably passed, if it wasnt re registering you. congrats
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    I am sure you did well. Can't wait until you get an official 'PASS'.

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