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Took NCLEX RN today

  1. 3 I took the NCLEX RN exam today. The computer shut off at 75 ?s. I was freaking out!! Felt like I failed! I had at least 15 SATA, EKG strips, 3 or 4 ordering, 3 math, and a couple other alternate format. It was super hard!! I actually thought it would have been more basic. I had 5 or 6 maternity/ped ?s too. (good thing these were easier for me, I'm a L&D gn, hopefully RN soon!). I cried the whole way home. I got home and my husband was urging me to try the Pearson Vue trick. I was freaking out. I made him do it, my hand was shaking way too much!! I got the good pop up!! But I am still nervous. I just hope this is truly accurate!!!
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    Well let me be the first to say yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay congrats!!!!!
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    I took NCLEX today too! I also got the good pop up!!! I do hope it's accurate! I had the full 265! 32 SATA, several EKG, several drag and drop, one exhibit, and one medication calculation.
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    Congrads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The good pop up is definitely alive and in full effect. Took mine feb 18 got the good pop up shortly after....found out today I passed!!!!
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    Congratulations to you NMar. Celebrate and be the best Nurse you can be. I am so happy and proud of you.
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    I took the Nclex RN today! I got the good pop up too !! Wow, I believe it was the hardest test in my life. I took Kaplan and felt the questions prepared me to be in that focused mode I prayed and prayed and put all my trust in him and thankful he brought me through it!
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    I took the NCLEX today and got the good pop up...I hope its true
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    Congratulations to all !!!!!!
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    Congrats you all!!!! Just had to say it again LOL