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Hi Everyone! I was told about the the "Pearson Trick" a few days ago. I took my NCLEX on friday 9/16 and by that afternoon, I went onto Pearson's website and did the trick, and got the good error... Read More

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    Quote from moniaaa007
    I see its been a year since the last comment here, but Im going exactly through the same thing right now. It has been 48 hours after my exam and there is still no Quick Results option ..I'm dying to know!! I took my NCLEX thursday at 8 am and it is now saturday 840am, I have been checking since 8, still nothing..Im getting worried. I got the "good pop up" and I keep getting it til now, but is it really reliable?? This waiting game is killing me
    Try to remember, it might not be 48 hrs to the second that you took your exam. I took my exam at 8am, 48 hrs later at 8am, no quick results, 48 1/2 hrs later no results, 48 3/4 hrs no results, at 49 hrs my results came up.

    Sadly I didn't know about the PersonVue trick when I took my NCLEX for my LPN.
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    Thankss so much! I got my result at 9 15, so you're right, a little more over 48 hours , but what a relief!! I passed, and the pearson vue trick also did work for me
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    Congratulations mona

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