The good "pop-up"

  1. 0 Took NCLEX-RN today, got 75 questions and the good pop-up!!! I hope the pop up is accurate!!
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    me, too-on both counts!! Congrats!
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    Thanks you too!!! I just hope the "pop-up" is as accurate as everyone says it is!
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    Yes, the "good pop-up" is accurate although I was skeptical about it too. Congrats to both of you!
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    The longest two days of our lives. We did our best. I really hope it's accurate. God is good. He will provide. I hope we pass. Congratulations in advance!
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    I can't believe how fast things move here in NC. I had a friend take the test Sat, she got the good pop-up right away and her name is already listed on the BON website!!!! I hope mine show up tomorrow, or Wed morn. I have my post-offer appointment at em new job. AS A NURSE!!!!!! I keep pinching myself. Can't believe it's really real.
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    Quote from Neen1221
    Took NCLEX-RN today, got 75 questions and the good pop-up!!! I hope the pop up is accurate!!
    Let's keep our fingers crossed. I took my NCLEX-RN on June 9, got 75 questions and the good pop-up too!
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    Thank you!!!
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    Congrats! I took NCLEX RN on June 9th, 75 questions, good pop up. My name is on BON today as RN! to God be the glory!
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    That is great! Congrats to you!
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    Congratulations to everyone!! Great job!

    I also took the NCLEX-RN (on Saturday June 9th), got the good pop-up, and was overly ecstatic that my quick results were posted this morning saying that one little amazing 4 letter word..."Pass." I was thinking that my results wouldn't be available until tomorrow morning as that would be 48 BUSINESS hours like they said, but PearsonVue is awesome!

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