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Got good pop....now to wait.... Read More

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    ^ Hahaha!
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    Looks like Sweet Brown unknowingly and inadvertently hijacked this thread
    Congrats to the OP!
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    It's all good Julz68! I need all the giggles I can get today as I wait for quick results to post. I spent three years in college with kids half my age so I heard a lot of "Sweet Brown"

    Thanks for the good wishes!
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    Congratulations Nurse!!
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    It is over! Quick results up and I passed! So glad for that to be done!
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    Quote from texasmum
    It is over! Quick results up and I passed! So glad for that to be done!
    Yay! Whoo hoo!
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    Congratulations, now take a breather and relax for a few days. Oh, wait, ain't nobody got time for that! I love that video.

    Good job on the test.
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    Quote from blackvans1234
    What does ''got good pop'' mean?
    I wen't to get me a cold pop, and den I thought sumbuddy was barbie Cue'in, I sayd o lord jesuz its a FAR

    I assume that means you did well?
    Love that video...lmao
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    Bwhahaha sweet brown has lightened the spirit on many a night shifts lol