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Out of curiosity... Kaplan review people, how were your scores on the diagnostic, readiness, other tests that you did along the way in the program? I want to know how your scores corresponded with success on the real NCLEX... Read More

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    I wouldn't be hung over Kaplan scores but I will suggest do much of Kaplan as you can. I graduated recently and passed on my first attempt the past week. I only did the diagnostic test which I scored 56%. I did 85% of QBANK and that ended my roll with Kaplan. I did mostly CDs and read a really good content book. I didn't stress when I took the exam but reminded myself its just another test. It all depends you know...if you are poor in content-read content. If you are not not that all rounded critical thinker read Kaplan stategies book. Best wishes!
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    I just passed my NCLex on the Sept 2nd in 75 questions. My QT 7 grade was 58. I did all the QBank questions and some Focused Review tests. 60 is the reccommended grade but I def think you shld have no problem if your grade is in the high 50's. Dont stress. Take your time and think your way thru each question carefully.
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    Hi everyone..

    I am going to take my NCLEX in two weeks. I am really nervous. I am doing Kaplan and they said if you make 60% or higher on your practice test then you are good to go. however, my scores are in 50's....I dont know what to do to increase my percentage..anyone...pleaseeeeee help!!!