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  1. PracticeMP

    retake NCLEX RN pass rates so low?

    I just wanted to tell everyone... I PASSed!@ with 75 questions!@ I just wanted to thank all of you on allnurses.com. You have given me so many wonderful pieces of advice and encouragement :-) KAPLAN IS AMAZING... first time I fail with 75 questions and the 2nd time I pass with 75 questions... awesome!@
  2. PracticeMP

    Nclex time is a huge factor of mine :-(

    I just wanted to tell everyone I PASSED with 75 questions@! miracles are possible!@ I owe it all to Kaplan
  3. PracticeMP

    Nclex time is a huge factor of mine :-(

    I scheduled my test for Sept 29. Hopefully Ill be ok... I have been studying since August 2. Will this be ok? Im doing everything in Kaplan. I have been getting 55-60% (thus far) havent done the q bank yet... I basically have done the class reviews the review of questions (+diagnostic and readiness test) I have found out my main HUGE BIG PROBLEM. it is that my attention span is impossible... I know alot of people can answer each question in a matter of seconds... it takes me about a little over a minute. My mind is constantly worrying about the time. WHile taking the tests things keep popping in my head like movies i should see or plans I have after I get done studying... I take my time too much. My tests end with about 10-20 min still on the clock. giving myself a pep talk before hand doesnt help either... I just cant concentrate on the question enough to not have to read the question for a 2nd or 3rd time:mad: I get so mad at myself. When I answer questions without being timed I am not worried and I am able to think pretty straight. with a time in my face I get a little flustered and I just want to skip to the next question cause I have spent so much time on this one I need someone to tell me how to overcome this. I dont want this to affect me while I am taking the NCLEX@ ANY ADVICE FOR A PERSON WHOs time affects them???? anyone else have this problem...
  4. PracticeMP

    Test scores for Kaplan NCLEX-RN course

    this makes me feel a little better... I failed with 3 weeks of saunders... now Im doing all Kaplan and praying that Im gonna be ok... everyone says "stay confident"... IM TRYING>>> its so hard though!@ lol I REALLLY ReALLY want my RN
  5. PracticeMP

    I passed the Nclex RN on my second try!!! Please read to find out how!

    OMG you sound like my twin!@ I swear the only things different in the story is I did not do the NSBN (whatever) site, got to 75 questions and failed, and I HAVENT taken my 2nd NCLEX yet...... Thankyou for posting this... I am working EXTRMELY HARD with kaplan:redbeathe and have learned from my Saunders mistakes:crying2: I appreciate the words of wisdom and the postive attitude... I am extremely nervous and I am working so hard... Please pray for me I take my NCLEX in the beginning of October and I want to print out that sheet and be so happy :redbeathe ... I hope I can keep you updated (and the reason I did not post my story is because seriously this whole post is my exact story!@!!@!!@!)
  6. PracticeMP

    retake NCLEX RN pass rates so low?

    Thanks :) this makes me feel better... I love this kind of advice :redbeathe I do have a schedule and I am doing Kaplan... I have actually remade my schedule twice already because It was not long enough (because I dont want to overwhelm myself and get too stressed by studying 12 hours a day) so my plan to take the NCLEX has gone from Sept 13 to Oct 1. discouraging? yes... lots of time? yes.... but im sure its for the best. Thank you I think the only thing I cant seem to get out of my mind right now is the fact that most people of passed their NCLEX and im still spending my time and effort and summer and time with friends and risking vacations and setting back my plans to live because I didnt study like I should have the first time.... KARMA? perhaps fate? maybe yes hard to get out of my head but I do believe "EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON"
  7. PracticeMP

    NCLEX-select all that apply questions

    NO way... I believe this is a total myth because I went with the same thought pattern that if Im doing well Ill be getting select all that apply questions... WRONG!@ I got 10 select all that apply and Failed :-(
  8. PracticeMP

    retake NCLEX RN pass rates so low?

    that makes sense bobkat... :-) thanks...that gives me a little comfort cause im not studying the same... :-)... the first time I only studied hard for about 3 weeks (saunders) and had no real plan. This time around Im going to study for 2 months (weekends off) kaplan (full course) study and think hard about the questions I am answering... taking breaks... (2 MONTHS!)... hopefully this is enough... hopefully it will knock some sense into me the second time around. I have dealt with the fact of not passing... im just now starting to accept it.... Its degrading.. and it breaks my heart... but I absolutely do not feel stupid... I just feel disappointed that I didnt try hard the first time... I didnt care the first time... if I fail the second time... Im just going to be extremely mad at myself... cause the only way If I didnt pass the second time around is because I didnt pay attention during the test or I blew it off again... which I Pray pray pray I do not do... Im praying for a straight head and an attention span that can make me think so hard and so well with each question. cause im not stupid... its just a problem I have with my attention span I am worried about... Ill pass one day... even if its on test 4 or 5. I am trying so hard to stay positive... which is really hard to do
  9. PracticeMP

    retake NCLEX RN pass rates so low?

    thank you snowbunny. i believe that too actually. I dont think they would make the questions harder on purpose because you failed. I know some people believe that... but I want to go into that test thinking if they give a hard question its because everyone else has the same opportunity to get a hard question. Im a little more confident now that I started Kaplan. everyone keeps saying how wonderful kaplan is and how much it helped them. I think its all just practice... it is the scores... but its not... its all practicing the questions and understanding what you were thinking and what you did wrong for each question wrong... I KNOW THAT FOR SURE I WILL NOT SCHEDULE MY EXAM UNTIL I HAVE BEEN KAPLAN (ED) OUT@! well maybe not as drastic as i sound but I want to make sure I have a good base to work with before I take the NCLEX for the second time... Thank you everyone
  10. PracticeMP

    retake NCLEX RN pass rates so low?

    thank you so much for all your advice... I basically know all of this... for some reason I JUST need to hear it from someone elses mouth... sad for me... but its true
  11. PracticeMP

    retake NCLEX RN pass rates so low?

    True story.. I totally agree.
  12. PracticeMP

    retake NCLEX RN pass rates so low?

    MY STORY: I recently graduated in May 2010. I slacked off because i was sooooo sick of studying but thought about all the wonderful comments people told me about how the nclex was easy and that i shouldn't worry too much about it. well I studied here and there for June. then July came around and right after I partied for the 4th I got down to business!@ I studied full force for 2 weeks 10-12 hours a day!@ SAUNDERs (answered every single question on the CD - 4,000 something questions) (300 questions a night) (MY OPINION: I ran through those questions not really paying attention to how I am thinking about the question but mostly the content of the question) --> so all in all Saunders was content based for me. THEN!@# I got a little freaked out so I borrowed Kaplan from my friend and did all there questions (CD and BOOK), read the book twice FOR 1 WEEK. Day of the test I was more anxious and excited to get it over with than I was nervous. I knew the fact that the questions get harder when you answer them correctly... so every time i got a hard question I would turn off my nervous mode and say to myself "i got this" (maybe a little over confident). I walked out of the test thinking "of course i passed!@" i had to of. well the day I found FAIL on the pearsonvue website I broke down and cried the whole day...(and was sad for 2 more days). I will be retaking the test sometime in September and have already signed up for Kaplan online.... QUESTION: why is the pass rate for re-takers so low? QUESTION: any advice for a kaplan taker? QUESTION: any advice for a retaker? ANY ADVICE AT ALL WOULD BE GREAT... LET ME KNOW EVERY BLUNT OPINION!@

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