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Hi everyone, I'm a mom of two my little ones are one year old and a newborn, yes they are very close, I gave birth just weeks ago,not even a month,still recovering and getting my strength back... Read More

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    I agree that you already paid for it... what does it hurt to take it? Don't give yourself an excuse to put this off. Having two little ones is wonderful and they are blessed to have a parent to care for them above anything else. What you need is support. Can the baby's father help you so that you can take at least an hour to study daily?

    I know you are tired... but hey I bet you were exhausted during nursing school as well... and you passed that!

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    Quote from snobanda
    I studied about 5 days before the test. Buckle down and just do it. If you can, get a baby sitter or have your partner take the kids with no interruptions for a couple of hours each day( if at all possible). Yes God gave you the babies, but he also got you through nursing school. It's not that bad of a test.
    How did you study for 5 days? Did you read? Or answer questions?

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