Should I move up my test date?

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    Ok, here's my situation. I'm thinking about moving my nclex date 9 days and take it next monday. I've been studying since February and now I've been doing hardcore studying for the past week. I've taken Hurst review and I am finally at their "baseline" level for scoring on their practice exams. I also managed to get ahold of those Kaplan Q Trainers. I did two of them for the past two days scoring at 60% and 65%. I also been doing questions from the NCBSN.

    I want to move my date but today, when I was taking Kaplan Q Trainer 3. I was doing really well for the first 64 questions but for the next 20 or so question, I got all of them wrong. I could sense myself getting tired as I was just answering questions and not thinking but maybe it's a sign I'm not ready.

    Thoughts? Think I should just bite the bullet?

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    Just take the exam
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    I'm really thinking about it. I don't think there is anything I can really add to my knowledge at this point
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    and i can't believe i got destroyed in the last test. i wasn't even concentrating.
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    Do not feel discouraged just go ahead & take it. I feel same too i am counting down in hours now before i start mine. Stay strong n good luck.
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    I sometimes feel like the test date is the hardest nclex question to ever answer.
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    Yah I've been studying everyday for the past several weeks. Part of me just wants to now take and get it over and done with. But I'm glad I have a bit more time to review questions and rationales (;
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    Take it! The practice stuff always seemed harder to me
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    Quote from Mandiee
    Take it! The practice stuff always seemed harder to me
    I always hear that, especially Kaplan questions.
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    Exam in 5 days but I had to resched. i want to take the exam and get over it already but i want to finish up PDA and practice questions from NCSBN

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