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    I work in student services at a nursing college. I recently found out that a number of our students have not taken the NCLEX exam because they are unable to pay for the $200 examination fee. Does anyone know of any resources or organizations that assist nursing graduates with the NCLEX exam fee if they are poor or unable to afford it? Thank you for your replies!
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    I know that there are institutions who will offer NCLEX reviews free for their new grads, and these same programs have even reimburded them for NCLEX expenses. I hear the recruiters tell them to save their receipts for NCLEX fees, and when they pass, they get reimbursed.
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    Do you have the names of any of these organizations? Thank you!
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    While this is true, that some facilities reimburse NCLEX expenses, this is typically after someone has been hired and they usually only cover the cost of an NCLEX review course since they are hiring you conditionally as a new grad and WANT you to pass NCLEX the first time. They don't usually reimburse for the actual NCLEX fee to register to take the exam. And with this economy, many hospitals have done away with even offering any fringe benefits such as these.

    Sorry, I'm unaware of any resources to help out with covering the costs of the NCLEX fee. It's really considered a professional expense. Other professions have to eat the costs of obtaining their licenses as well. Perhaps they could borrow it from friends/family? Other smart advice is if they receive financial aid, they need to budget for these costs at the end of the year and not blow through their loans/grants!
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    I have three ideas.

    1) If the student is pretty confident that he or she will pass the NCLEX, could a simple credit card be used? It seems like they're still sending out offers in spite of everything that's happened in the economy.

    2) There is a website called where people advertise their situation and need, and others (just regular people) "invest" in those people by loaning them the money. It seems like people have a high rate of success getting money that way.

    3) Then there's You'd be surprised how many people have success getting help by posting there.

    Please be careful about who you contact through these avenues, how you go about it, and how the money is transferred. With that in mind, options 1 and 2 may be the safest (since the money can be transferred electronically through a blind payment service).

    Good Luck, and let us know how it goes.

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    What about if your students hold a campus fundraiser? I remember doing that in nursing school. In fact, that is how we payed for our graduation reception! The students could try a bake sale, sandwich/sub sale, car wash, campus yard sale, etc. Times are hard, but you have to get creative! Good luck!
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    I wanted to get the word out there, because it was a total shock to my graduating class, that Texas Workforce Commission will pay up to $200 for testing required for any Texas worker to get a job -- which in our case is NCLEX, and the fee just happens to also be $200. Everyone please try to get the word out because, as far as I can tell, this money is just sitting there unclaimed because nobody knows it is there and available.

    I went through the whole procedure with them and received my check within a week to 10 days. I had to go pick my check up, but I've heard some of the TWC offices mailed the checks to students and then the student forwarded to NCLEX. I went through the Texas City location and they required us to first register as a worker at It's just like entering your resume into the system and you will add the fact that you're going to seek work as an RN. You will just list 0 months experience as an RN, of course, and just skip the skills section on that page. Then the student should enter at least two of their past jobs and info from their resume'. For the student to receive the money, TWC just wants to know that you are serious about going to work after you receive your license.

    After you register (I would suggest doing this at home), just go up to your closest Texas Workforce Commission office and tell them you need to speak with someone regarding the $200 NCLEX testing fee assistance that is available for nurses. You will need to bring:

    1) CURRENT state issued ID card or driver’s license
    2) A copy of the webpage at It shows who TWC will issue the payment to and contains more details of the program. No payments will be paid online or to the student directly.

    The student needs to ensure that WORKFORCE EXCEPTION is in the memo line of the check and that this third-party payment is sent to:

    NCLEX Workforce Program
    Pearson Vue
    5601 Green Valley Drive, Room 220
    Bloomington, MN 55437

    Please note that this address is only for third-party payments.

    Hope this helps!
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    Does anyone know if this works for California???
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    I know this post is old. However, the Workforce Investment Act paid $8000 toward my tuition and for my NCLEX exam. PRAYING I PASS!! Also, the Department of Public Health have nursing scholarships at the diploma to Ph.D level (I believe Ph.D). Iwas given $1270 for tuition for each semester and $3300, each semester for a living stipend. I believe it has increased to $5200 for stipend. How nice. Contact:

    1. Your individual State Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

    2. Individual State Public Health Department

    I really hope this can assist someone. Best wishes!
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